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my passion

This blog unveils my passion as an avid traveller. Before becoming a mum, travelling was easy, it was just packed for myself and off I went. But since entering motherhood in Oct 2004 to an active boy, travelling presented a new and refreshing experience. Some parents think it is a waste of money to bring little ones along for vacations as they may not remember those fond memories when they grow up.

But you know, it’s not about remembering, but the journey and experience that is magical and meaningful. My first flight experience was at 21 and though it was a business trip, it was the birth of this passion. Travelling expands my horizon, refreshes my mind and rejuvenates my entire being, whether for business or travel.

So this blog will focus on my favourites, sentiments and feedback on accommodations, restaurants, adventures and encounters. It is all based on my personal experience plus many more things we observe along the way. I would also post on tips, resources, reviews and opinions on travel-related matters and these may not be my very own. But one thing for sure, it continues to unveil life and its passions, experiences and more… Enjoy!

No part of this blog should be copied or duplicated without the permission of the author.

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