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Boutique hotels and technology 0

Posted on May 16, 2009 by dorisch

No matter what sort of good accommodation deals travelers are choosing, hotel guests are starting to demand the very latest in technology,from televisions to internet access. Boutique hotels get ahead of the game by integrating technology into their design.

Today’s technology is moving so fast, and hotels of all types have to anticipate the technology that will make their guests’ lives easier during their stay. As consumer technology becomes more affordable, guests are no longer terribly impressed by flat-screen televisions, integrated CD players and films on-demand; they can have that at home. What does impress them is when the technology improves the service, which in turn improves their experience. These are the things they will look for when they compare hotels. Some boutique accommodations even provide wellness programs including yoga and weight management so you can leave your ephedra product at home while vacationing!

Futuristic hotels have been the subject of many treatments in film, television dramas and books. In most cases, these hotels have a clinical look and feel to them, which is not at all what today’s guest wants to experience. They want the comfort, style and design of a great hotel, with the convenience that technology affords them. Forward-looking hotels of all types have recognised this and have begun to install technology systems that allow them to provide higher levels of service to guests.

Like it or not, today’s savvy travelers are choosing accommodation deals with technology in mind.

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