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Shopping In Hong Kong and Finding Best Accommodation Deals 0

Posted on July 03, 2009 by dorisch

I’ve been checking for cheap airfares and best accommodation deals for Hong Kong. A few friends are heading for this shopping city end of the year and I’m hoping that I can bring my son to Hong Kong Disneyland too.

Hong Kong is one of the greatest shopping centers of the world. Due to its status as a free port, tourists traveling to China and Hong Kong can find the best deals anywhere in the world. Hong Kong hosts a lot of different items from all over the world. For me, Nathan Road in Kowloon is a popular Hong Kong shopping street that is known for its various boutiques that are popular to night shoppers. In The Nathan Road, your most valuable asset is your money and your ability to haggle. If you win, you can find the greatest deals. But if you lose, you will find yourself with overpriced pieces. In this street, the haggling is part of the shopping experience that is hard to replace.

What I missed last year was the Stanley Market, which is also known for the excitement and local charm. Home to the best Chinese artworks and souvenirs, you can find lots of Mao items that you can take home. This experience is literally a drive to the jungle. If haggling is the unique experience in Nathan, then the journey is the featured experience here.

Best to the best accommodation deals in Hong Kong, you can search hotels and compare prices first before making any reservation. For me, I’m hoping to find a nice hotel with good exercise equipment so that I can work out to shed those pounds during our vacation.

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