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Posted on February 19, 2009 by dorisch
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I can’t be more excited to confirm that we are going to Phuket in early May. This will probably be the ‘cheapest trip’ for us – not that we have gotten any cheap accommodation rates in Phuket but this is even better!

Our good friend had a free three nights stay in the Marriottt Vacation Beach Club at Mai Khao and after checking out the Marriott vicinity in Phuket, I am certain that getting cheap accommodation rates in that property won’t be possible!

With a nice relaxing pool, state of art fitness equipment in the gym, a beautiful landscape setting and a wide array of activities for families, I am very certain we are going to have a memorable family vacation.

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Posted on February 08, 2009 by dorisch

Phuket SunsetImage by pete4ducks via Flickr

Who wouldn’t want to choose a cheap accommodation during these challenging economic times? Budget airlines are slashing prices and similarly, travelers will choose cheap accommodations over expensive ones.

Few of my friends are waiting for another airfare promotion launching in two days’ time. And to further reduce the traveling expenses, they are hunting for cheap accommodations to Phuket. Our family will be joining them as my beloved hubby is planning to kite surf in Phuket beaches. It’s nice to know that it is possible to find cheap accommodations in phuket especially during off peak periods. There are many cheap accommodations in Karon and areas that are further from the main Patong beach. Also, if you take time to search online, you won’t be in lack of cheap accommodations in phuket.

To make sure our travel budget is kept low, I’ll be traveling with our old Zero Halliburton luggage this Phuket trip. I’m sure the kids will have a ball of a time at the lovely beach.

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