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Book Cheap Accommodation Deals for Your Vacation 0

Posted on April 15, 2009 by dorisch

Today is my ninth wedding anniversary and I’m negotiating for a travel vacation end of this year. Hopefully I can find some cheap accommodation rates so that my request can be met more readily.

Over these nine years of marriage, we have been to many places including the US, Australia, Japan, Hong Kong, New Zealand, China and Thailand. While I hope to visit some of these places again, I need to wait for a better time until the financial crisis is over. For those who are still planning to travel, they would need to find cheap accommodation rates so that they can do more with their money. While traveling to far away countries is never a cheap affair, you can still get good accomodation deals if you search hard enough. Many of these discount and bargain accommodations  offer good rates during off peak seasons so you do need to know your time of travel.

I do wish that we can visit New Zealand again in the near future, I can picture ourselves staying in a holiday farm, picking fruits from the Plum trees and taking bouts of fresh air in the countryside. HOpefully, cheap accommodation rates are still available when the currency is not so strong, otherwise, our NZ trip would be another expensive one.

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