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dreaming of the luxury peninsular hotel hong kong 0

Posted on October 03, 2008 by dorisch

After looking through the list of Hong Kong hotels, my eyes seem to be landing on some of the luxury hong kong hotels that are noted for their best location, service and reputation. One of them is The Peninsular, the luxury hotel that sits at the Tsimsatsui promenade, overlooking the beautiful Victoria harbour.

I love the Peninsular’s architecture and structure. The colonial pillars and grand entrance together with the oriental charm is tempting, enchanting and inviting. I used to walk by admiring this beautiful and gorgeous hotel, secretly hoping that I can stay here for my hong kong vacation one day. I once heard this from a friend who is often on diet pills even without first finding out the side effects of alli or anything else. She told me that she would save up her yearly bonus just so that she can spend a night or two at The Peninsular Hong Kong with her boyfriend on their anniversary – how sweet and romantic of her.

With a few room categories that offer city views, garden and harbour views, one should at least be ready to pay an average night’s stay of $400+ for the superior room. This five star hotel delivers quality in every angle from service to facilities, guests can enjoy complimentary internet access and luxury comfort in the beautiful oriental classy setting. Hmm, I should perhaps find out who can I book the lowest rates for The Peninsular Hong Kong before striking out my dream to stay in this awesome architectural property in our upcoming family vacation!

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