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checking out on hotel stationery 0

Posted on November 11, 2008 by dorisch

At a young age of four years old, the young man in my house reminded me that one of the pens I was using was from my recent trip to Traders Hotel. This is the power of branding and using corporate stationery to reinforce customers’ loyalty – very powerful.

Not sure if you do that but sometimes, I do take time to go through the corporate info and stationery when I check into my hotel room. The hotel stationery design says alot about its branding, positioning and identity. What’s nice about it the hotel guests can bring along the note pad or pen with them and in any case if you are lost, they could just show the hotel branding to a local or police personnel. It’s especially helpful when language is a barrier in some countries. So the next time when you check into a hotel room, don’t take the hotel stationery for granted… it can be of some help at an unexpected moment.

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