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it’s the time for family vacations 0

Posted on November 11, 2008 by dorisch

As the holidays draw near, parents are planning family vacations for their children. This is also a good time where families gather and spend quality time with each other. As for family vacation choices, no children will resist Disney vacations or vacations with theme parks and such. Shopping will entice most ladies and as for the men in the house, a game of golf or gourmet dining would be their faves.

Believe it or not, I’m still confirming on my hotel accommodation choice for Hong Kong. Since Hong Kong is made up of two islands, I need to decide if our family should reside in Kowloon or Hong Kong Island. It can hard to decide! ON one hand, I’m enticed by the harbour. On the other, I would like a taste of different islands and area. Guess I need to do hotel comparison and search again… and all these got to be done in less than a month’s time!

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