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Thinking about Honeymoons 0

Posted on July 27, 2009 by dorisch

There are so many options when choosing what type of honeymoon to take. The most important thing is make sure that both wife and husband agree on a place to go that they will both have a good time. If one person has a good time it wonít make a memorable honeymoon.

A tropical getaway can be the perfect honeymoon just relaxing in the sand and surf in a romantic setting. This is a great choice for a honeymoon as there is relaxing and generally many activities as well and can be in some of the most beautiful places in the world.

There is also the sportier honeymoon for the active couple as there are honeymoons where the focus can be on an activity, besides the romance of a new marriage. You can head to the slopes to catch some great skiing or hit the lake to water ski and partake in the many water activities available.

An exciting option for newly married couples can be a traveling honeymoon where the couple travels to somewhere they have never been before. European vacations are popular because some cities are very romantic such as Paris and Venice. For the more adventurous couple there are more active traveling honeymoons such as a safari in Africa or heading to Brazil to see Carnival. I know of a Plano Cosmetic Dentist friend who did this and had a great deal of fun!

If you want a little lady luck on your side from the beginning of the marriage than Las Vegas can be a great destination for a honeymoon. There is great food, relaxing by the pool, and lots of activities, shows, and not to mention the gambling, all intertwined in a Las Vegas honeymoon.

Honeymoon Planning For the Wedding Couple 0

Posted on June 27, 2009 by dorisch

I just talked to a couple who will be getting married in 3 weeks’ time. Naturally in a conversation like this, we will be discussion about wedding plans and honeymoon trips. Like many wedding couples, they are only taking a short break for their honeymoon since this is summertime and it wouldn’t be easy finding cheap accommodation rates in some places.

Many think that selecting the best honey moon vacation package is very difficult. It is not so in reality. There are so many honeymoon vacation packages are available for you to choose from. Honey moon time is relaxation time, enjoying time and time for understanding the spouse. Hence the couple should select the package quickly and be worry and stress free. Before any plans can be made, the couple would need to select the budget to spend and the destination.

For my friends, they are too busy handing out wedding invitations and preparing for their wedding ceremony details that the honeymoon is left to the travel agent. That might be a way to delegate and focus on the foremost important task at this moment.

Searching cheap accommodation rates for honeymoon. 0

Posted on June 25, 2009 by dorisch
Cancun in Quintana Roo. Mexico is the 2nd most...
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As we deal with the current difficult times, I believe it is harder for some people. No matter how hard things seem to appear, life needs to go on and we need to learn prudence. Even for the travel industry, the media has reported that people are cutting down on vacations and even if they are going ahead with their travel plans, they are searching for cheap accommodation rates to keep costs down.

For those heading for their honeymoon, they would want to make it as special as it can be, even during these tough financial times. Couples often choose the country they want to go to before they decide where to stay, but it’s also worth taking a look at the boutique hotels if you can afford. Many boutique hotels offer large, luxurious rooms, with modern bathrooms and some hotels offer special packages, room upgrades or additional details such as beachfront access or complimentary spa treatments for the special couple. Boutique hotels are known for personalized treatment and the experience can be unique and memorable.

Even if you are squeezing tight on your budget for your honeymoon, do make sure that you don’t leave out your travel insurance. You can find options online such as Blue Advantage and compare the rates with others. Sometimes you may need to relax over cheap accommodation rates if you are on a honeymoon. After all, it’s the experience you wanna take with you for a long time. Compare hotels here for the best and lowest hotels.

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