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More on Family Vacation Planning 0

Posted on September 23, 2009 by dorisch

In the last post, we highlighted few tips on family vacation planning. Here is one more to add if you are in the process of planning a family vacation.

It is important that you choose a family-friendly destination. As you are considering different vacation spots, keep in mind that different members of the family have different interests and needs. Try to find a place that have something for everyone, even if they are not 100% entertained around the clock.

If you have smaller children, there are great resorts that offer kids programs that will keep your children entertained for an hour or all day. Most ClubMed properties offer this service. Similarly, resorts that have activities geared towards older children or teenagers can be fun if your children fall into those age brackets. Traveling to a place with theme parks will spell enormous fun for the kids.

If traveling to Florida, you may want to consider condos in Destin FL so that the family members have some flexibility with kitchen facilities. Last but not least, does your family have a common interest? If you like hiking, skiing, or snorkeling, consider a destination where you can participate together in those activities.

skipping a vacation? 0

Posted on September 04, 2008 by dorisch

I was shocked when my travel agent presented me with our air ticket quote few days ago. I didn’t expect air travel to have gone up so much! Actually it’s not the air travel that is costly, it’s the taxes and surcharges! It’s crazy!

Perhaps, I should consider skipping a vacation and shop online instead. I can shop online for any labels in the online stores including Oscar de la Renta to any other designer collections. But like what hubby said, family travel is more than shopping. It’s all about spending quality time together and catching up with each other.

plan your trip for everyone! 0

Posted on August 09, 2008 by dorisch

The best time to start planning your trip is when the impulse hits you! Search for information right away. Contact the local state and National tourist offices and check online, to learn more about your destination of choice.

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Plan your trip so everyone has fun and budget for it accordingly! Think child-centered activities or a personal interest indulgence. Bring your kids’ favourite games and toys as long as they are not occupying too much space in the luggage or car. Pack your xbox 360 and card games for some family time after dinner. Save money by deciding early and balance the family interest. Book online and check out last minute deals for great savigns. Avoid trying to fit in all the “touristy” must-sees that will add up in the end. Select a few of them you really cannot bear to miss and enjoy them together.

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