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new york city sightseeing and the adrenaline junkie 0

Posted on August 03, 2008 by dorisch

For the fun loving thrill seeker New York City is one giant playground. Whether you are into extreme sports, New York City Sightseeing, extreme movies, or simply watching others go to extremes you should get a healthy dose of it all in this great city. From reading to gaming and extreme sports and every extremity in between you have come to the right city to fill all of your extreme needs in entertainment and art. This is a haven for extreme activities for active youngsters who love fun more than learning about treatments for acne!

Web2Zone Cyber Center has all of your extreme gaming and computing needs. They offer regular tournaments for the serious games while also offering simple Internet access for those who’d like to socialize while they spend time in cyber space. They are not your typical Internet Cafe. Not only do they offer a place to log in, they also offer one of the fastest Internet connections around. They do not offer wireless service but will be glad to loan you an Ethernet card or port for your laptop with proper collateral. For the gamers, events and tournaments are hosted regularly and plenty of opportunities abound to flex your gaming muscles. And if that’s not enough, book yourself to one of those fun filled NYC Tours!

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