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Sunny Florida for Family Vacations 0

Posted on October 30, 2009 by dorisch

One of many families’ favorite vacation spots is sunny Florida. The big theme parks like to put together package deals to make planning your trip easier. Most of these package deals will include everything from airfare, tickets to the park, rental cars and even free parking at the park. Thus, it’s not hard getting the bargain accommodation if you are traveling this way.

Because Florida is such a big hit with families, hotels often offer ‘kids eat for free’ deals. This can be a huge savings for a family of four. The hotels that offer these discounts are generally the ones that are kid friendly and offer activities to keep the kids busy when not at the parks. I mean, what more can one asks for – nice hotels with copper sinks with good facilities for some packages.

Getting there can be one of the biggest expenses of your trip so check to see if the airlines are offering any specials to your destination. You may find a buy one ticket get another for half price deal or some offer special rates for kids under a certain age. If youíre shopping for the best airfare at ìthe right timeî you may even stumble onto a fantastic deal that an airline is offering to fill up seats on specific flights. These are generally deals that are offered for a very limited time, so have your credit card ready when you search.

Airlines and travel agencies will often feature promotional periods where they will take care of everything for your entire family for one price. These promotions are usually offered just once or twice a year to create a buzz for their business. If your timing is right you can take advantage of one of these deals. Ask around to see when and if your airline or travel agent offers these.

Boutique hotels and technology 0

Posted on May 16, 2009 by dorisch

No matter what sort of good accommodation deals travelers are choosing, hotel guests are starting to demand the very latest in technology,from televisions to internet access. Boutique hotels get ahead of the game by integrating technology into their design.

Today’s technology is moving so fast, and hotels of all types have to anticipate the technology that will make their guests’ lives easier during their stay. As consumer technology becomes more affordable, guests are no longer terribly impressed by flat-screen televisions, integrated CD players and films on-demand; they can have that at home. What does impress them is when the technology improves the service, which in turn improves their experience. These are the things they will look for when they compare hotels. Some boutique accommodations even provide wellness programs including yoga and weight management so you can leave your ephedra product at home while vacationing!

Futuristic hotels have been the subject of many treatments in film, television dramas and books. In most cases, these hotels have a clinical look and feel to them, which is not at all what today’s guest wants to experience. They want the comfort, style and design of a great hotel, with the convenience that technology affords them. Forward-looking hotels of all types have recognised this and have begun to install technology systems that allow them to provide higher levels of service to guests.

Like it or not, today’s savvy travelers are choosing accommodation deals with technology in mind.

ways to find cheap accommodation rates 0

Posted on March 07, 2009 by dorisch

Needless to say, many families who are traveling with their children will want to get good bargains or cheap accommodation rates when it comes to a family vacation. Some may think that it is too hard to find cheap holidays for families, but if you research, you can find some great money-saving deals.

Family vacations can be expensive due to the number of people travelling. In addition, most families tend to travel during school holidays, which means that they have to travel during the year end peak seasons such as Christmas, Easter and the summer. Here are some tips to keep our budget low and your cost down.

1. Travel during the non peak season

If you can, choose to fly a week before or after the main holiday periods as it can make a big difference to your travel cost. Weekends tend to get expensive for short breaks in resorts and island holidays. If you have children that are below school age, then you should try to travel outside the school holidays to avoid the peak season surcharges.

2. Do your search on best accommodation deals

Instead of hotels, you can look into renting a self-catering apartment or holiday home for cheap accommodation rates. These are usually cheaper than hotel accommodation and you can buy your own food to cook simple meals. Eating out can be costly if you are traveling as a family and eating in provides you the flexibility.

3. Book in advance for cheaper accommodation rates

Hotels or accomomation providers tend to offer cheaper accommodation rates when you book way in advance. You can always book your accommodation and then wait for cheap or promotion flights to accumulate your savings. Search for hotels online to find the best accommodation deals and do your research.

The above travel tips will be handy no matter where your family is traveling to – Anaheim California hotel, Las Vegas Holiday, family trip to New York, to exotic Bali or tropical Phuket.

Traveling cheap is still possible. Do your travel research, book early for cheap accommodation rates and adopt one or more of the above travel tips.

hong kong fine food and people 0

Posted on December 06, 2008 by dorisch

Besides fine dining and gourmet delicacies, Hong Kong is an interesting place to watch for the latest trends. When it comes to a grand occasion, the people put in great efforts to put on their best including a fine gown and tuxedos for the sophisticated individuals.

You can expect to pay a little more for fine food in restaurants even if they are located amidst the old buildings. The HOng Kong people love food and care to find the best to satisfy their gastronomic cravings. I am indulging in a new dessert everyday before heading back home. It feels sad to know that I will be missing all the unique dessert varieties at Hui Lau San, Honeymoon dessert and Lucky dessert stores!

travel resources when you travel 0

Posted on November 15, 2008 by dorisch

No matter where you travel to, as long as it’s some place you are not totally familiar with, it is always useful to get a travel map of the particular destination.

If you are traveling to Las Vegas, alas vegas strip map will be helpful so that you avoid wasting time trying to find your way around. For me, I prefer to get a travel guide book if I’m planning to spend at least 2 weeks in my travel destination. That way, I can flip and turn to the right resources when I need help. But online travel resources are equally helpful for anyone planning for a vacation… besides, the information is free!

Find a hotel

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get travel assistance and resources from travel forums 0

Posted on November 11, 2008 by dorisch

One of my favourite places to find out more about the travel destination I am about to visit is via travel forums. Other than trip advisor, you can check out virtual tourist to read what other real travelers have to say about the destinations.

Compare Hotels

You will be surprised to read about hotel reviews from all over the world, whether it’s Outer Banks rentals or bed and breakfast hotels. What’s nice is that you can also find out more about the dining options, top attractions, transport assistance and other travel information and resources at the forums. If you have not visited any of these forums, it is never too late to start. Registration as a member is often free and once you do that, you can start asking questions and getting real help from locals, seasoned travelers and experienced globetrotters.

shopping for unique bed and breakfast 0

Posted on November 01, 2008 by dorisch

As far as I can recall, the first time I have heard the term bed and breakfast was when I first traveled to Australia. Bed and breakfast is a popular traveler’s choice among backpackers and solo travelers for a long time. But it has somehow became more known among family travelers as well as business travelers in the recent years.

What I like about staying in a bed and breakfast is that you can to experience staying with the locals and the experience can be rewarding and unique. Besides getting a home cooked breakfast (that’s why it’s called ‘bed and breakfast), you can to stay in one of the dedicated rooms for guests. If you do your research, you will find that bed and breakfast has many categories from budget to luxury ones. While we were in New Zealand, we stayed in some luxury bed and breakfast properties that were not unique, luxurious and very beautiful. Many of them have dedicated dining areas, recreation rooms with lovely gardens, homely decor, ceiling fans and a wonderful scenery.

In case you don’t know, bed and breakfast properties are also picking up among the business travelers. I suppose this is because some of bed and breakfast homes are designed with the business travelers in mind, providing the business centre facilities for the busy traveler who also prefers privacy and seclusion during their business traveling. Looking for unique and quality bed and breakfast online? Shop the Largest Collection of Bed and Breakfasts on

tropical destination picks 0

Posted on October 29, 2008 by dorisch

Tropical destinations are a delight for those who love and adore the sun and the fun. For those who squirm at the sight of the sun and run for shelter from the heat, then you won’t enjoy yourself.

We have the Caribbean islands and Tropics for all year round sunshine but according to a friend of mine work holding in the business, he told me that there are indeed some underrated tropical destinations in the world. If surf, fun and the sun is what your heart is after, here’s the list to check out:

1.      Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic
2.      Santiago, Chile
3.      Turks and Caicos, Caribbean
4.      La Romana, Dominican Republic
5.      Mexico City, Mexico
6.      Isla de Vieques, Puerto Rico
7.      St. Vincent and the Grenadines, Caribbean
8.      Culebra, Puerto Rico
9.      Saba, Caribbean
10.    Curacao, Caribbean

Don’t forget to do your hotel comparison search here:

why a golf vacation can get expensive 0

Posted on October 22, 2008 by dorisch

I’m not crazy about golf but I know of many friends who are. They are so enthusiastic that they would spend over a thousand dollars on flights, accommodation and green fees. If you are one of them, then you should do whatever you can to ensure that you are making the best of your investment!

I always tell my friends that the reason why I don’t play is because it is such an expensive recreational activity! Not only do you spend your money on green fees, you need to buy decent golf apparel, golf bags, golf clubs and even pay for golf lessons.

So if you have paid for your upcoming golf vacation, do make sure you are physically fit to play the game well. Eat well and start a fitness regime to prepare your body for the big golf game! Yet to book your flight for your golf vacation? Save up to 63% on international flights on

search travel information in the virtual world 0

Posted on September 18, 2008 by dorisch
Who has the best hotel deals?

Compare 30 sites at ONCE!


The nice thing about travel research is that it allows you to know the place more after the entire planning. This is why I would choose a free plan travel over a tour package. Some travelers are worried about language barrier and such in a land which doesn’t use English as the first language but personally, I find it challenging and fun, traveling to a country that knows little of my first language.

If you are not used to doing your travel research online, then grab one of the Amazon books on travel to your destination. But if you can, try searching for travel information online and you will discover that there is so much to learn in the virtual world!

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