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honeymoon in italy 0

Posted on March 27, 2008 by dorisch


A honeymoon in Italy? Oh, can I turn back the clock 😛 With its unique blend of history and culture, honeymoon is Italy has to be an unforgettable experience! Italy is a country with a wonderfully romantic atmosphere. It demonstrates outstanding cuisine, has beautiful cities, a gorgeous coastline plus many sites of dramatic and rugged natural beauty. Whether you want to spend your honeymoon gliding down the canals of Venice in a gondola, or skiing in the Italian Alps, Italy is a superb destination. Read the rest of this entry →

discovering cinque terre, italy 0

Posted on July 28, 2007 by dorisch


This place looks like a romantic paradise for couples, honeymooners or vacationers who seek pure relaxation and indulgence outside Italy. Situated high above the green hills of Italy’s northwest coast, overlooking the Ligurian Sea, this is Cinque Terre all to myself. Though you may be rubbing shoulders with a tourist everywhere you go, there are ways to escape the crowd and find some serenity and quietness.

Take a eight mile walk can be a unique experience at the Sentiero Azzuro, also known as the ‘blue trail’. Though it may be a challenging terrain as one travels between the five villages, the natural charm of the trail is discovered along the way. Alternatively, rent a sea kayak and snorkel gear at the Coopsub Cinque Terre in Riomaggiore. You can choose to join other tourists or outdoor seekers for the trip if you are all alone. This may be just another way to tuck away from the summer sun and enjoy a cool dip on a hot day.

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