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UK family holidays become the first option for many Comments Off on UK family holidays become the first option for many

Posted on September 01, 2011 by dorisch


UK family holidays sometimes suffer in comparison with foreign holidays, when the point of comparison is the weather. In spite of the perennial national angst regarding the uncertain British summer, holiday park operators like Park Resorts have reported a steady increase in the size of the UK family holidays market over the last few years. On a closer inspection of the relevant variables, this trend makes perfect sense.

There is often a cost saving involved in taking UK family holidays as opposed to flying abroad, but this goes only a small way to explaining the relatively recent surge in popularity of the home grown holiday. Granted, many people choose UK family holidays for the second vacation of the year, with the primary holiday being a seaside-sunburn affair in the Med. However, there are other factors which are arguably more important in influencing the decision to take a family holiday within the U.K.

Travel and transport issues cannot be ignored. As annoying restrictions on travel – from mandatory blanket security procedures to the tight regulations self imposed by the budget flight industry – make flying a frequent pain, the relative ease and flexibility of moving about the U.K. has to be a major bonus. Additionally, as caravan and mobile home holidays have become an increasingly popular option for a broad spectrum of people, it is clear that many who could easily afford to fly abroad are making a positive choice to stay in the U.K. and take to the open road. When it comes to motor homes in particular, those wishing to splash out on mobile luxury have quite a range of options, and so affordability is not always the attraction of UK family holidays.

The self sufficiency and option for spontaneous changes of plan that are afforded by the caravan and mobile home method of holidaying must be especially attractive to families with children. Not only can the journey to the intended destination be taken at a relaxed pace with frequent pit stops, planned detours to pay visits to family and friends around the country can so easily be accommodated into the wider holiday plan.

Football fans and telly addicts of all persuasions can of course make sure that no crucial match or episode is missed by staying within the footprint of UK television. In general, none of the comforts of home need to forgone, from the choice brand of marmalade to the right kind of beer. Many UK family holidays can also offer the chance to get active as a family with the reassurance that activities, tuition and equipment are all suitable certified to the universally high UK safety standards.

School Holidays and Wedding Anniversary Comments Off on School Holidays and Wedding Anniversary

Posted on April 08, 2011 by dorisch

School holidays is finally here and I am truly happy!

This is also our wedding anniversary week and we are planning to have a short getaway in a rainforest retreat for 2 nights. This afternoon, we went to inspect a property and I fell in love with the architecture design of the property. They had armstrong grand illusions laminate and the butler kitchen was impressive. My hubby is still taking a wait and see standpoint and I hope that he isn’t taking too long to make a decision.

I’m very excited to head to the rainforest retreat and I do pray that the weather is in our favor since there are plenty outdoor stuff to do out there. WE are in autumn now so the weather can be unpredictable. I just hope that it’s improving next week so that we can do more!

Booking Holidays Online 0

Posted on March 29, 2011 by dorisch

Shopping in private shopping clubs is so much fun and I like the discounts I’m getting. HUbby and myself had bought several travel deals online and we have saved alot from these buys.

I’m looking out for some more attractive deals for the holidays and sometimes I wish it’s not just those pampering packages out there. Just the other day, hubby ordered a full box of home knick knacks from catch of the day and he’s so happy about it. I almost bought some ipad accessories and that’s becos it’s so much cheaper than retail.

Let’s see if I can book some good accommodations at discounted prices this school and easter holiday. It will be nice…

Planning for a Short Vacation 0

Posted on March 29, 2011 by dorisch

School holidays is just two weeks from now and I’m scratching my head for ideas on where to travel. Hubby doesn’t want to go anywhere far and I’m actually keen to visit Whitsundays.

But taking a flight seems a hassle for a short vacation so we might save it for later. But it’s our anniversary so there’s a good reason to celebrate eleven years of marriage! These days, we do lots of things online so I’m actually checking on some destination ideas while shopping around for a petroleum hose that hubby needed. Sunshine coast is a good place to travel as it isn’t too far to go on the road but I’m still spoilt for choice on where is the best place to relax and unwind for a couple of days.

I’m going to search online for best accommodation deals along the sunshine coast and hopefully I can settle for something before the next week.

Searching for Good Deals 0

Posted on February 16, 2011 by dorisch

The semester school break is about two months away and I’m already planning where to go and what to do during that two weeks break.

It happened to fall on our anniversary so I would love to celebrate it in a relaxing and nice place. I have been receiving mobile phone alerts on good deals so I’m keeping a lookout for bargains. I’m wondering what to ask for on our anniversary but maybe I should choose a holiday over a gift. My friend got a Motorola Xoom for her anniversary gift and she’s so delighted about it.

I’m back to searching for cheap accommodation rates and who knows, I may be out traveling again in two months’ time.

Heading to Moreton Bay 0

Posted on February 01, 2011 by dorisch

I am pretty excited that we are heading to Moreton Bay this weekend. Besides the sun and fun we are going to have, I am glad that my cousin and her family is joining us.

This is the first time we are traveling together and I hope we can do that more. It’s going to be real exciting for the boys and I know that they will like the dolphins and sea life. I am praying that we can sight more interesting wildlife. It all depends on the weather and timing. The weather is very warm and humid today due to the cyclone and I do need a new fan. I am looking at several brands after buying my Samsung washing machine from the local electrical store.

Tomorrow is Chinese New Year and it’s going to be a quiet one for us. Nevertheless I don’t mind the change and we are going to our cousin’s for reunion dinner.

Burleigh Heads for the Family 0

Posted on February 01, 2011 by dorisch

Last weekend, we spent an afternoon in Burleigh Heads to enjoy some sun and surf and the weather was perfect.

Burleigh Heads is such a great place for the family and you can just laze around all day if you can find a shady spot. The waves was rough and we could hardly ride on our new body boards as we are still so new to this sport. Gold Coast is a fun place to play and I like to hang around and have fun. Some friends have gotten healthcare jobs in the city and stay behind long term. For us, it’s only less than an hour drive and it’s fun to just hang around. I was thinking we should explore more islands and it would be good to learn more about other hidden spots that aren’t too touristy.

We are heading to Moreton Bay this weekend and I look forward to more sun and surf. I would better top up my sunblock!

Searching for Easter Vacation 0

Posted on January 25, 2011 by dorisch

The long december holidays are over and it’s time to get on with work and the new daily routine of 2011. Though it’s just the first month of the year, I’m already looking at the calendar and planning a vacation for the long easter break.

My little junior has started school so school holidays need to be worked around his schedule too. I’m already looking at some destinations and accommodation. When I choose a hotel, I like to find one that isn’t too old and if it’s of a certain age, I look for the quality service. Some modern hotels offer high tech amenities and you can find dehumidifier or an air purifier in the room. That can be a nice touch if the city is very polluted. Chi Residences in Hong Kong has an air purifier in each room which is a nice touch and give guests a peace of mind on the cleaner air in the room.

So now it’s time to think about where are the possible destinations for the coming easter break. The search begins.

New Style of Travel 0

Posted on December 11, 2010 by dorisch

As families travel by automobiles throughout the United States, they can take advantage of coupons that will give them lodging discounts in a variety of ways. Families can camp at State parks for the night and get another night free or they can choose to spend the night at a specific hotel chain and get nights free in the form of coupons when they get their next credit card statement. Some hotel chains allow travelers to exchange points for nights and others provide coupons that reduce the rate of lodging that is charged per night.

When online coupons are used, travelers are able to see the discounts they get before they finish the booking. Travelers prefer this method because it ensures that they are able to print out confirmations for every place they choose to stay along the way. I used to buy my personalized baseball bats with coupons and save on my purchase. Travelers are able to calculate savings and cost of travel and some will see a significant difference in the pricing and might plan to travel further because they can afford to. Always check coupons for expiration dates and inquire ahead to ensure that grocery stores accept internet coupons for the discounts that are listed.

Missing Our New Zealand Trip 0

Posted on December 02, 2010 by dorisch

Whenever I go on a long trip, I’ll try to do a detox before setting off. This is because I know that I’ll be picking out during my vacation!

Few years ago, I decided to read about how to colon cleanse before I went on a month trip to New Zealand. It was a good decision since I’ll be away for so long. It was a wonderful trip as it was our first time in this lovely country and my son just turned one at that time.

I was looking through the trip photos and truly missed the beautiful scenery and awesome sights. Hopefully we can visit New Zealand again now that my boy is six years old. I’m sure he would be able to appreciate the sights more too!

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