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Taking Adventurous Tours 0

Posted on February 19, 2010 by dorisch

If you love animals and have a taste for true adventure, there is nothing more suited for you than an African safari. Here, you will see a live view of some of the world’s most amazing animals in their natural habitat and running freely in the wild. For the truly adventurous, an African tour is bound to quench your thirst.

Hawaiian 7-island tour. Perhaps not adventurous in the way that many think, a Hawaiian 7-island tour is definitely an adventure in its own right. Sometimes an adventurous tour is better than taking .weight loss pills! Everything from hiking up to the top of an active volcano that has been constantly erupting for years on the Big Island to helicopter tours over untouched paradise are yours for the viewing in the state of Hawaii. And when you are through being adventurous, there is always the relaxation of the rolling ocean waves to calm your nerves after a long day

Great Vacations and Great Adventure 0

Posted on January 17, 2010 by dorisch

There are all kinds of great vacations that you can take when it comes to adventure travel and not all of them are filled with death defying stunts and danger. Sure, some of them are but if that is not your think then you don’t have to choose them.

Can you imagine taking a trip to some exotic locale and then experiencing some of their ways of life. Have you ever heard of Zorbing? It is something that they do in New Zealand, and it is so much fun. All you do is climb into a giant ball, it is like a great big beach ball, just climb in it and they roll you down the hill. There is usually some water in it to cushion any bumps that you might hit along the way down. The water is not dangerous to you and your breathing because it is kept totally separate from you in a different compartment of the ball. This is one of the most fun things that you could ever do when you are gong to adventure travel and it is not even a little bit dangerous. I don’t know if I would ever do this but I know I won’t need my natural sleeping pills after taking that adventure.

Everyone has a different comfort level and adventure travel just means taking a trip that is exciting, one that is a little out of your normal travel behavior. You don’t have to go and climb Mount Everest or anything like that to have a good time with adventure travel.

get an active vacation 0

Posted on January 22, 2009 by dorisch

A friend of mine once told me that going on an active vacation is the “best diet pill” one can have. What she meant is that you need to get active and find an adventure during the active vacation. Some people do the extreme like sky diving and kite surfing but you can do the simple ones like cycling or trekking. Mountain climbing can be exhilarating while scuba diving can be relaxing yet adventurous too.

So get out there and enjoy an active vacation. Pick an island holiday or beach vacation. Discover the real fun of an adventure holiday!

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snowboarding holiday 0

Posted on April 01, 2008 by dorisch

OK so have you ever been on a snowboarding holiday? If so, then you must have enjoyed yourself or are you regretting after a few bad falls on your tushy. The thing about Snow Boarding is that not everybody can enjoy it. When my hubby first went on a snow boarding holiday it was with his cousin and they had never snowboarded in their lives. That was something they had never done before, and they were obviously nervous about whether or not they would really enjoy myself when they had absolutely no experience on a board. They suffered some bumps and sores from the falling but claimed that it was one of the best extreme sport adventures they had experienced. It would be some time before they can consider a snowboarding holiday to be a relaxing one!

are you qualify to bungy jump? 0

Posted on February 22, 2008 by dorisch

As with all sports, there are some people who are more suited to bungy jumping than others. Those who are naturally inclined toward seeking the most extremes of thrills and excitement are those who will most likely be drawn to bungy jumping. It is certainly not a sport for the timid, the nervous, the faint-hearted! Read the rest of this entry →

bungy jumping? anyone? 0

Posted on December 07, 2007 by dorisch

Oh well, let’s face it. Some people prefer to invest in a popcorn machine and enjoy a movie with their freshly made popcorn while others prefer to be out there doing something more adventurous.

Some people love anything that is new. Some people love anything that is extreme. Put both of those key elements together and it is easy to see how bungy jumping very quickly went from being one individual inventing an elastic rope and tossing himself off high structures to a legitimate sport which has gained worldwide popularity in a relatively short period of time. Twenty-five years ago no one had heard of bungy jumping; today, it is all the rage– everywhere!

Bungy jumping is one sport for which the aspect of newness is constant. Whether a person is attempting his very first jump or has made it a consistent part of his lifestyle, the element of adventure is such that each and every jump is a fresh experience. Even if you frequent the same bungy jumping sites on a regular basis, this is a sport in which every experience is different, and each time feels like the first time. Adventure-seekers of all ages and backgrounds will delight in this factor, because no matter how long you engage in the sport of bungy jumping it is something which will never become routine. The excitement is present whether it is your first jump or your twentieth!

The overwhelming sense of adventure helps in making bungy jumping so popular. There are many people who are naturally drawn to all of the aspects of thrill-seeking, from the adrenalin rush it has on one’s entire system to the knowledge that one is essentially risking life and limb and hoping to win the game. There are no other sports that compare in these factors, which makes bungy jumping quite unique.

parachute jump for 84 old granny 0

Posted on November 08, 2007 by dorisch


Many elderly folks want to put off finding a retirement home that they end up not choosing their own place to live. They procrastinate just enough that their children or loved ones have to make that decision for them. This scenario all too often can mean bad things for seniors and their loved ones. Once the need arises for a retirement center, there is normally a rush to find a place and not enough time to do the necessary research to make sure they are in the best place possible. Most of them do not want to face the fact that they have to downsize and leave their beautiful homes and lawns for a small little efficiency apartment in a retirement villa, so we their off the selection process. Read the rest of this entry →

more skydiving drop zones 0

Posted on October 04, 2007 by dorisch

Ok, I’m not finished yet. Just in case you are not planning to travel all the way to the States. Here’s another cool drop zone in down under  Gold Coast. Check it out!



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skydiving anyone? 0

Posted on October 02, 2007 by dorisch

Few years ago, DH and myself did skydiving during our vacation in Cairns, Australia. I had to tell you that that was the scariest but most thrilling experience of my life!

If you are seriously contemplating on trying your own pluck with skydiving, you would want to have the very best experience for this truly momentous event in your life. After all, not everyone would be able to claim to credit of having the guts to jump off the plane, you would normally want to relive every second of it. However if you are one of the more experienced skydivers, chances are you will be looking for new thrills to give your skydiving experience a fresh twist. The good news is, you need not search far and wide for the best drop zone site for your next skydiving session.


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