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Traditional Costume for School Event 0

Posted on March 16, 2011 by dorisch

My son came home with a consent form to participate in a school event next week. He was expected to be in traditional costume but I just can’t of any cos there isn’t any from our country.

I searched the garage high and low for some old clothes in the box and hoping to find the chinese costume he wore last year but it was just so hard to dig through those boxes of clothing! The garage door parts sure need replacement as they seem old. I think I should spend some time sweeping up the floors tomorrow morning. It’s just nice to have a clean garage. Back to his traditional costume, I think I may need to order a batik shirt for him since it reflects a little of the culture of Msia. But hubby thinks it’s too much a hassle ordering something just for an event. Fathers just aren’t the same as moms!

Travel with Children: Learn Others’ Travel Tips and Stories 0

Posted on November 09, 2009 by dorisch

Having a vacation with little children is not easy as there is so much planning involved before the trip. Yet, having a child shouldn’t stop you from traveling when you need to. All you require is a little research and lots of preparation to ensure a smooth vacation for you and your little ones. Reading other parents’ travel tips and stories can help to make your travel experience a little sweeter 🙂

If you have friends with older children, ask them what they did to ease the stress of the rip with traveling with the children in earlier years. It always helps to learn from someone elseís experiences. Also, ask your own parents what they did when you were a baby, and how they handled traveling situations. It also doesn’t hurt to check out the local public library for parenting magazines and books. Being a parent is a very responsible job and learning from others is a wise move. However, traveling with your baby or other young child can provide you with a great deal of enjoyment too. The memories can be so precious!

Try to choose apartment accommodation if possible so that your children have more room to move around. These days, many of the serviced or holiday apartments come equipped with cooking utensils, family friendly facilities and luxury ones are equipped with bluray dvd players! Otherwise, you can always bring your own entertainment devices to occupy them if you need some quiet time to yourself. You can find the best accommodation deals by comparing hotels online.

If you take a camera or video camcorder you’ll be able to record the trip for future memories, and have stories to tell for years to come. So enjoy traveling with your little ones, but be sure to plan ahead.

traveling with babies and toddlers 0

Posted on July 30, 2008 by dorisch

I’ve never had issues traveling with a baby only because I make sure I’m well prepared for the trip. A friend of mine is already planning on the ‘logistics’ even though she’ll be traveling with her baby in three months’ time. The thing about traveling with babies or toddlers is that you need to expect the unexpected.

After a long drive, a nice, quiet night in a hotel room sounds perfect. Unfortunately, after that long drive, the toddlers might not see it the same way. If parents don’t want to wake up in a room filled with shocks, a bit of baby-proofing might be in order before settling down to sleep. Don’t worry, you won’t need to bring any air tools to fix up any non baby friendly features in the room. All it takes is a little efforts to look out for potential spills, hiccups and frustration causes.

First, take anything that can be opened and sprayed or spilled, like the tiny hotel soaps and shampoos, and move it out of reach. You might leave the bar soaps as a distraction, since a couple of scattered soap bars are a cinch to pick up compared to finger-painting in conditioner. Likewise, move any toxic or messy substances you brought with you out of reach, as well. I would like to believe that’s sheer common sense 😛 Check the dresser drawers, too, for things left in the room that could be torn up, or for helpful items like pens and notepads that could be used for redecorating. You don’t want to receive a call from the hotel for any ‘redecorating’ incidentals, do you? Book your Travel on Black Friday to complete your holiday shopping in person. Click here for great deals in New York

san diego zoo in summer 0

Posted on June 18, 2008 by dorisch

With most family traveling this summer, my cousin is planning to head down to San Diego since he’s also passing that way to explore a franchise business.

I heard that the San Diego Zoo, located in San Diego California is one of the best zoo’s in the United States. It is a must for all visitors to include the San Diego zoo into the itinerary – I wished I knew that earlier eight years ago when we were there!

The zoo is said to house nearly 4,000 animals. Also in the zoo, are the infamous pandas, one of the main reasons as to why the zoo is so popular. Among the many animals you’ll will also expect to see giraffes, tigers, and basically any other animal that you can think of. The animals themselves have plenty of room to run and play, giving you all the space you need to view them in their active environment and best of all – while they are at their best.

Anytime you plan to visit San Diego this summer, you should make sure you visit the zoo. Kids simply adore the animals here, while parents find them adorable. Even if you have never been to a zoo before, the San Diego Zoo can more than change your outlook.

travel tales with a toddler 0

Posted on January 05, 2008 by dorisch

We are finally home after being away for almost a month. This is one of the best trips we had and looking back, I am thankful that our 3 year old has been a reasonably good traveler. If you are familiar with traveling with a toddler, you know that nothing is perfect and you must expect melt-downs, cranky moments, stressful situations…etc. But with a little planning and patience, these negative responses can be minimized. Read the rest of this entry →

For The Kids At Disneyland 0

Posted on November 29, 2007 by dorisch


Disneyland is a very popular destination for families, and there are an incredible number of things to see and do at the park. For many young children, the highlight of the trip is the chance to shake hands and pose for pictures with a favorite character, like Mickey Mouse. Read the rest of this entry →

eating out with children 0

Posted on October 20, 2007 by dorisch

Eating out when traveling with children can be an experience. Sometimes good, sometimes bad, but always interesting. If you plan carefully, your family can have a pleasant dining experience without ruining the wait staff’s day.

First, try to plan restaurant visits during less busy times. Waiting in long lines for a table, slow service and harried wait staff do not make for a pleasant meal for anyone. Small children get bored easily and a bored, hungry child is an unhappy child.

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