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Melbourne Trip Comments Off on Melbourne Trip

Posted on July 27, 2011 by dorisch

We are looking forward to our Melbourne trip on Friday. I managed to look out for cheap accommodation rates months before the trip and it’s nice to know that there are promotions going on during this non peak season.

My friend has been telling me about the good shopping in Melbourne. She loves a href=””>hip hop clothing and so she went around looking for them. For me, I’ll be happy eating in some good restaurants and Melbourne’s food is obviously better than Brisbane’s. My husband is looking forward to eat his favourite food and I hope to do some shopping in the city!

Out for Some Beach Fun 0

Posted on February 24, 2011 by dorisch

We have been beach hopping in the last few weeks and we are enjoying it. I mean, why not head to the lovely beaches when the weather is warm and the waters are so nice. We thought we would better do more beach outings before it turns cold and before the weather turns wacky.

I have been spending some time on the worldwide web and came across some review sites and one of them is rankpay. Sometimes business people pay online consultants for bringing their website to the next level but only to find that it’s not getting them anywhere. Therefore it’s always good to read reviews before parting your money from these sites or online companies.

Tomorrow is Saturday and we are planning to head to Caloundra for another time of fun and sun. Let’s hope the sun doesn’t get too scorching and we ought to take out our body boards again!

Liking Kangaroo Point 0

Posted on January 03, 2011 by dorisch

After staying in Kangaroo point for three weeks, I’m liking it so much because it’s such close proximity to the city and the river banks.

I didn’t take a walk this morning as I was so tired from the few days of long walking. We managed to grab some incredibly good buys from the outdoor adventure stores during the year end clearance sale and that was good. I am still looking out for good buys for a scanner software and all I need is a car to bring me around now.

I’m getting a little frustrated with my blocked ears and I think I would some medical help in the next few days to restore my ear health condition. Today, it’s to Southbank for a good hot chocolate at Chocolate by the Bald Man before heading to the city for some shopping.

Australia and Emu Oil 0

Posted on October 26, 2010 by dorisch

Whenever I travel to Australia or New Zealand, I’ll look out for some natural beauty products and one of which is the emu oil.

The emu oil is the greatest emollient in the world. It penetrates the skin better than mink or any other natural oil, and lacks long chain fatty acids which is conducive to a long shelf-life.

Emu Oil is considered a complete source of essential fatty acids. Essential Fatty Acids (EFA’s) are fats that humans cannot manufacture or synthesize. We must obtain them from our diet. Like vitamins and minerals they are essential to the body’s functions. Incredibly, this amazing oil contains omega 3,6,9 essential fatty acids and is a powerful skin moisturizer and possesses strong anti-inflammatory properties. Some women claim that it is a powerful anti aging product that is natural.

So the next time you travel to down under, make sure you stock up a bottle of emu oil!

Searching for Best Accommodation Deals in Brisbane 0

Posted on July 05, 2010 by dorisch

I’ve been searching for best accommodation deals for short term accommodation in Brisbane. After some careful thoughts, I have decided that it is better to stay in a serviced apartment for the first couple of weeks before settling down in a permanent rental home.

It’s been easy checking out the property market with a few good websites that provide excellent information for those looking for a place to stay. From the photos, you can get a feel if the property is what you like, very much like checking out accommodation for a holiday. You wanna read about the rooms, facilities, amenities and the photos with good lighting always appeal to me.

It’s good to know that there are quite a few good accommodation deals for the period of our arrival. What’s most important is that it isn’t a peak season since the corporates are back for vacation.

Cheap Accommodation Rates in Brisbane Holiday Village 0

Posted on May 18, 2010 by dorisch

In about six months’ time, we will be making our big move to down under. As such, I have been busy checking on rentals and cheap accommodation rates for short term stays while looking for a permanent place to rent.

Well, I was glad that after a couple of weeks’ of search, I came across Brisbane Holiday Village which looks like a great place to stay if we can’t find a place to bunk in. It is situated 10 mins drive to Brisbane city and it’s near to where I want to live. Though there isn’t any HDTV in the cabins, the corporate and holiday cabins do look good for a family of our size. I believe this is a great place to stop over for anyone looking to stay in an affordable accommodation if you are traveling to Brisbane. You can also find best accommodation deals during the off peak months. With an award winning status, I believe this place won’t go wrong!

So I’m now pretty comforted that I can find a cheap accommodation at Brisbane southside. At least, I know I’ll have a roof over our heads for a few weeks before moving to a more permanent place.

Vacation at the Gold Coast 0

Posted on December 11, 2009 by dorisch

When you travel with a child, you won’t need any exercise at all! I just returned from a 2 weeks break with my small child and it’s been a tiring vacation. No thanks to me falling ill, it was demanding on my physical body. Now that I’m back, I have a few days to recuperate before taking off for another trip to Taiwan.

Out of all the places we visited during the vacation, Gold Coast is still my favourite. I like walking along the beaches and watching the waves roar… it was very relaxing for me. For those who want some natural fat burners, it’s nice to jog along the beautiful beaches – so calm and nice. My little boy was so happy playing with the sand and splashing in the waters.

Staying in a self contained apartment is the way to go if you want to stay and save at the Gold Coast. Since eating out can be expensive, you can buy your own groceries and cook them anyway you like in your serviced or self contained apartment.

I can’t wait to be back to the Gold Coast again – it is very fabulous hanging around with nothing in the mind. That’s what I call a vacation 🙂

Searching for Best Accommodation Deals at Broadbeach 0

Posted on October 04, 2009 by dorisch

In two months’ time, I’ll be heading to Brisbane for a 2 weeks vacation. After much thinking, I’ve decided that this is one destination where I can save some money on accommodation. Perhaps, spending a few days at the Gold Coast will eat into my tight budget but if I can secure some best accommodation deals, it will still be alright.

As I am wondering how to occupy my active child throughout the trip, I figure out that I need to bring him some travel board games and maybe a few textbooks to keep it balanced. Too much of an activity may not be the best thing for him so I need to really plan.

It’s been a few years since I last visited the Gold Coast. I miss Surfers Paradise and the beaches. This time, I will be staying at Broadbeach for a less crowded scene. I can’t wait to go slow, relax by the beach, go for walks and taking things slow with my little boy. Although I wish daddy can come along, I will make the best out of the trip with just two of us.

So the next few days, I will be checking out some best accommodation deals at Broadbeach before the apartments are overbooked by holiday makers.

Find Best Accommodation Deals in Gold Coast 0

Posted on September 22, 2009 by dorisch

For the last couple of weeks, I have been searching for best accommodation deals for Gold Coast apartments for my year end vacation. I haven’t been to Gold Coast for more than five years and I was told that much have developed in that area.

There are lots of luxury apartments in the Gold Coast so visitors can be spoilt for choices. If you travel during off peak periods, you can find cheap accommodation rates for most apartments. So do prepared to pay more during school holidays or national holidays. Many of the apartments have outdoor furniture for guests to relax and enjoy. You can expect outdoor pools and spas in some of more luxury properties. Gold Coast has been a popular family vacation destination and there is so much to do for travelers, old and young.

If you are planning for a Gold Coast vacation and would like to find the best accommodation deals, you can begin to compare hotels and book your accommodation online.

how about tasmania, australia? 0

Posted on June 07, 2008 by dorisch

When it comes to Australia travel, many people tend to choose cities like Melbourne, Sydney, Queensland and Perth. You don’t find many people talking about a trip to Tasmania or Adelaide especially if they are making their first trip to Australia.

For me, every Aussie city has a character and beauty of its own. I like all the cities for its uniqueness and special sights – each state promises a different experience, there is something for every sort of traveler. That is Australia. Many years ago, I was in Tasmania with some close girl friends and we love this laid back, quiet and hilly state. It is tucked at the farthest south in the Australasia but the mountains and scenery is beyond comprehension. Salamanca, Hobart has to be my favourite hang out on Saturdays and you can find all sorts of handmade artisan products and fresh produce in Salamanca market from ostrich eggs to ostrich feathers to fruit leathers, jewelry, furniture and fresh fruits and veggies. So if you are planning to travel to Hobart, make sure you make time to visit the Salamanca market for a worthwhile stop.

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