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Tips to a nice holiday Comments Off on Tips to a nice holiday

Posted on March 07, 2013 by dorisch

Kids these days are so privileged. Most of them had been to a theme park of some kind.

When in theme parks, remember to drink plenty of water. If someone in your group does get dehydrated, get to the First Aid Station. Each Disney theme park has one. Wearing the right shoes is necessary and that reminds me that I should get a pair of Zamberlan 230 crosser soon for my trip.

This is the best tip, which is why Iím saving it for the last. If you have tots, let them set the pace. Kids get cranky easily in the heat. This is more so considering that while you are looking at castles, they are in a hot stroller with nothing interesting at eye level. So if the kids are tired, head to somewhere with air-conditioning, have a break in a restaurant, or do anything that allows everyone to cool down.

Visiting Orlando Comments Off on Visiting Orlando

Posted on March 07, 2013 by dorisch

Staying at an on-property Disney hotel is a good start. You can commute to the parks in air-conditioned comfort using Disney bus, monorail or water transportation. This is definitely a better choice than driving a car that has been baking in the sun for hours.

Another incentive for staying on a Disney property is that you can take advantage of the Extra Magic Hour. On designated days, a Walt Disney World theme park will open an hour early for Disney Resort guests only. With that extra hour, you have time to take a break during the afternoon for a swim or a nap. Some resorts even have water activities, such as water skiing and surfing lessons, which are perfect for a hot day.

Bringing Home a Wrong Bag Comments Off on Bringing Home a Wrong Bag

Posted on March 07, 2013 by dorisch

Every morning, I’m at a loss on what to prepare for my son’s morning tea and lunch. I don’t like giving him a big lunch bag as it can be heavy so I tend to cramp as much as I can in the little bag. He was telling me that some friends have personalized lunch bags and was wondering if he can have one. I should look into it as some friends do have bags like his and I don’t want him to bring the wrong bag home one day!

Holiday Ideas Comments Off on Holiday Ideas

Posted on March 07, 2013 by dorisch

I was researching for some holiday ideas yesterday on US holidays and came across an article who talks about Orlando being a hot part of the earth and come summer the humidity and temperature can reach triple digits.

The web is great for any holiday research and even my DH got information on for discount pool pumps
when he was finding out prices on pumps. Worse still, weeks of heat occur exactly when school is out and families head to Walt Disney World. No one in her right frame of mind considers heat, humidity and crowd a great combo, but with some planning, your familyís summer vacation to Disney World can still be fun.

Buying a Caribbean beach villa Comments Off on Buying a Caribbean beach villa

Posted on March 07, 2013 by dorisch

Buy a beach front Caribbean villa! Buying Caribbean beach front property can range from a bargain to outrageous. This does not mean that the cheaper Caribbean beach front property is any less attractive or luxurious than the more expensive ones, but means the location is different. For instance, Caribbean beach front property in the Bahamas is attractive, over run with tourists, & incredibly expensive. However, Caribbean beach front property in the Dominican Republic is as attractive, has less tourists, & a considerably more affordable price tag.

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