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Traveling for Holidays Comments Off on Traveling for Holidays

Posted on December 20, 2011 by dorisch

December is a busy month for most people as they plan for Christmas parties and go on vacations.

It’s good to plan your holidays well before you travel as any last minute happenings can affect your wallet. its also wise to keep some resources handy such as getting a good and reliable rv repair company so that you can have the peace of mind. As you travel this hok

Shopping for Outdoor Stuff Comments Off on Shopping for Outdoor Stuff

Posted on December 06, 2011 by dorisch

This is a good time to shop for camping and outdoor apparel as it’s summer down under.

I am shopping online for some outdoor jackets for our camping trip next year. One of the best apparel comes of mountain hardwear as they are durable and affordable. There are all kinds of products for the family so there is something for everyone. I’m just so thankful that we can now shop online for things!

Being a therapist Comments Off on Being a therapist

Posted on December 06, 2011 by dorisch

After a long day of walking in the malls, I’m needing a break and looking forward to my back massage tomorrow.

Once a upon a time, I dreamt about being a wellness therapist and started to search for Therapists Jobs but realized that I was too old for it! I’m just wondering what life it would be like if I’m a therapist and not a designer. Then again, I’m happy being a designer as its been really fun all these years.

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