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Camping in the Cold! Comments Off on Camping in the Cold!

Posted on June 25, 2011 by dorisch

Holidays is here and I’m sitting down cracking my head how I can keep my little one occupied.

Many of my friends are going somewhere and some are staying back. It’s hard to travel when the weather is turning cold unless you are well equipped with the right attire. I have some friends in the commercial playground equipment industry and they are planning to go camping! I thought that is a very bold plan! Camping in the cold is not something I’m good at and I am putting it off till spring is here!

No Cheap Accommodation Rates at Hervey Comments Off on No Cheap Accommodation Rates at Hervey

Posted on June 22, 2011 by dorisch

This morning, a friend of ours is asking if we would like to take a trip to Hervey Bay during the mid year school holidays.

I thought it would be fun though I know that it might not be possible to secure cheap accommodation rates during this holiday period. I heard much about the beauty of that region and I’m sure hubby’s steiner binoculars can be put into good use if we go for the trip. It’s the whale watching season again and the kids should be very excited to head out there. I’m not too sure if the weather is going to be cold but with Queensland’s sunshine, it should be nice and cool.

Moving into a New Home Comments Off on Moving into a New Home

Posted on June 22, 2011 by dorisch

My friend had just moved into a new and I am excited for her. Living in a new house is always so exciting though the earlier stage will involve cleaning, organizing and clearing up.

She was shopping for some furnitures and was buying lots of other knick knacks for the house. Her daughter wanted speakers for bookshelf and her son was asking for a rack for his hobbies. So much costs is involved when it comes to shifting and it makes me wonder what would it be like for me when the time comes! I’m sure it would be equally ‘exciting’ and busy too!

Ski and Snow Holidays Comments Off on Ski and Snow Holidays

Posted on June 18, 2011 by dorisch

The mid year school holidays is coming soon and we are wondering if there is someplace we can go. It’s always nice to travel as a family when there is no rush of time.

We will be heading to the mountains in three weeks’ time so there will be lots of planning going on. I have some friends who are US Business Lawyers and they are planning to head to the mountains to do some skiing. It will be nice for the kids to play with snow, do some sledding and build snowman. I recalled loving snow holidays when I was a teenager. We are planning to ski in Mt Buller in August and it’s about time for me to begin my planning!

Money and Traveling Comments Off on Money and Traveling

Posted on June 10, 2011 by dorisch

When I travel, I try not to bring too much cash with me. I would prefer to put my shopping on credit card though I agree that it can be more expensive due to the bank’s exchange rate.

For some people, using a teller and withdrawing money in cash advance is the preferred mode of payment. I find the interest very high for some banks but it did work out alright for some people, especially when you need money urgently. Travelers cheques can be the next popular way to carry money when traveling though it can be troublesome looking for establishments that exchange cash for cheques.

Attractive Hotel Deals Comments Off on Attractive Hotel Deals

Posted on June 02, 2011 by dorisch

There seems to be a lot of attractive hotel deals coming to my email this time of the year. I’m looking forward to the four days of break next weekend though I haven’t got anything in plan.

Few weeks ago, I booked a new serviced apartment for a good price at one of the deals site and I’m just thinking if I should make use of it. While searching for some class rings, I came across some more good hotel deals and I think I may be buying too many for stocking up. Some of these hotel deals have validity up to one year so it’s good to keep them when you need it.

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