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A Holiday After a Holiday Comments Off on A Holiday After a Holiday

Posted on May 27, 2011 by dorisch

What I need is a vacation where I can stay away from the city sights and relax under the great outdoors!

The problem with taking a vacation in a city is that I tend to develop dark circles under eyes. The late nights and tiring walks can drain me out and I find myself needing a holiday after a holiday – what an irony! So this year, I long to go for one of those holidays where I come back feeling refreshed and renewed. That, to me, is a real holiday! But a mix of both shopping and relaxation is better anytime!

Cheap Hotel and Accommodation Rates During School Holidays Comments Off on Cheap Hotel and Accommodation Rates During School Holidays

Posted on May 27, 2011 by dorisch

I’m searching for cheap airfare and accommodation rates to Singapore and Asia since we plan to travel back end of the year.

There are not many promotions at the moment and therefore, it can be costly traveling on regular fares. There are budget airlines that offer better rates but they fly at odd timings and sometimes it can be rather inconvenient if you have little children. But for the savings at budget airlines, you can use your money to do more shopping and I actually use the savings to shop for one of the echo blowers for our house.

I suppose it’s hard to find cheap rates during school holidays since this is the time when everyone is traveling.

Re-entering the Workforce Comments Off on Re-entering the Workforce

Posted on May 17, 2011 by dorisch

More and more moms I knew are reentering workforce again and I believe it’s not a bad thing.

A Friend of mine has been taking some business courses so that she can do some casual or part time work when her kids are in school. There are many occupations that are in high demand and one of them would be the possession of teaching degrees. My friend is almost finishing her nursing course study and she’s going to be a nurse in months to come. I’m thinking of taking up some courses so that I can enrich myself and re-enter the workforce when the need arises.

Using Internet to Search for Cheap Accommodation Rates Comments Off on Using Internet to Search for Cheap Accommodation Rates

Posted on May 11, 2011 by dorisch

Before you decide to travel to any destination, I’m sure you will be busy hunting for cheap accommodation rates for your holiday. It’s so easy to search accommodation these days and in fact, you can even read reviews of some accommodations before making a decision.

Just imagine how your vacation would be if there isn’t internet technology to provide you the relevant information for your place of travel. My husband will go lengths to read headphone reviews before buying a set for himself and I will read lots of reviews of hotel accommodations before making an enquiry or booking online.

I don’t know about you but I’m just so thankful for today’s internet technology which has made things simpler for all visitors.

Exercise is Important Comments Off on Exercise is Important

Posted on May 05, 2011 by dorisch

After so many years in the health industry, I’ve always like the birth of natural products in the marketplace. It is refreshing to see new things and more than that, it’s encouraging to see that many people are supporting the fairtrade movement.

I have been ordering lots of health stuff online and lately, I was told to check out african mango extract which can actually help with weight loss. Though I’m in no need to lose any weight, I’m hoping to keep trimmed and stay as fit as I can as I move into the later years. My husband always reminds me that the one who doesn’t exercises will lose out…. that sounds kind of serious but I do agree with him!

Cheap Accommodation Rates to Bangkok and Ko Samui Comments Off on Cheap Accommodation Rates to Bangkok and Ko Samui

Posted on May 05, 2011 by dorisch

Just a short moment ago, my husband told me about some attractive hotel deals in Bangkok and Koh Samui. These are two places which are hard to find top class hotels at cheap accommodation rates so you can imagine how excited I was!

I checked out the hotel websites and I was so impressed! I love the crystal clear waters and the beautiful landscapes in the vicinity – it is nice! Whenever I stay in any hotel, I take note of the furnishings and little touches as those things say alot about the hotel. I told hubby the other day that I like some ceiling fans from as they resemble the ones used in one of my favourite hotels. I couldn’t wait for the promo to be launched so that I can book them!

Let’s see if my close friend, Viki is keen on the cheap accommodation rates to Bangkok and Ko Samui as well. I certainly hope she says yes!

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