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Buying the Right Gift Comments Off on Buying the Right Gift

Posted on April 26, 2011 by dorisch

It is always hard when it comes to buying a gift for a senior male friend.

I mean you can ask me about gift ideas for a lady and my ideas will be plentiful. But I am not good in shopping for gifts for men and in fact, I tend to fall on to the same old gifts. Some girl friends of mine suggest buy backwoods cigars as they are popular among men but I am just so new to it. I think I would need to do some research online to find out what are my options and some reviews online will be helpful too. The last thing I want is to find the wrong gift for the recipient. What more, I want to spend my money on the right gift!

Traveling to Italy Comments Off on Traveling to Italy

Posted on April 26, 2011 by dorisch

A friend of mine just returned from Italy and I can’t wait for her to share with me her adventurous travel tales. Weeks ago, she was looking for cheap accommodation rates and finally, she found a few to her liking.

She visited lots of artistic places during her trip and she even told me that she bought some cheap and nice french maid lingerie when she was in Italy. She also bought some fish ceramic bowls from a local art store and she can’t wait to show them to all her friends. Though I have never been to Italy, I know that it won’t be too hard to fall in love with this lovely city. I heard much about it and many friends have told me that it is a romantic place to be in.

Well, we’ll see if I can suggest Italy as our next travel destination to my hubby here who isn’t big on travels. Or maybe I should just leave him here and travel with my little one.

Shopping Without Buying Comments Off on Shopping Without Buying

Posted on April 13, 2011 by dorisch

My husband can’t understand why I like shopping and he doesn’t understand why I need so many pairs of shoes! Well, I told him that there are various reasons why I go shopping. For instance, I usually go shopping for groceries and today, I need to grab a baby gift on the way to the stores. And tomorrow, there may be other things that need my attention so there is no end to shopping, isn’t it?

I suppose to a man, shopping means spending money and that’s why travel for me makes it interesting, especially to shopping cities. I love shopping but it doesn’t mean I may end up buying things! But how hard it is for a man to understand that a woman can go shopping without buying anything!

School Holidays and Wedding Anniversary Comments Off on School Holidays and Wedding Anniversary

Posted on April 08, 2011 by dorisch

School holidays is finally here and I am truly happy!

This is also our wedding anniversary week and we are planning to have a short getaway in a rainforest retreat for 2 nights. This afternoon, we went to inspect a property and I fell in love with the architecture design of the property. They had armstrong grand illusions laminate and the butler kitchen was impressive. My hubby is still taking a wait and see standpoint and I hope that he isn’t taking too long to make a decision.

I’m very excited to head to the rainforest retreat and I do pray that the weather is in our favor since there are plenty outdoor stuff to do out there. WE are in autumn now so the weather can be unpredictable. I just hope that it’s improving next week so that we can do more!

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