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Heading to Moreton Bay

Posted on February 01, 2011 by dorisch

I am pretty excited that we are heading to Moreton Bay this weekend. Besides the sun and fun we are going to have, I am glad that my cousin and her family is joining us.

This is the first time we are traveling together and I hope we can do that more. It’s going to be real exciting for the boys and I know that they will like the dolphins and sea life. I am praying that we can sight more interesting wildlife. It all depends on the weather and timing. The weather is very warm and humid today due to the cyclone and I do need a new fan. I am looking at several brands after buying my Samsung washing machine from the local electrical store.

Tomorrow is Chinese New Year and it’s going to be a quiet one for us. Nevertheless I don’t mind the change and we are going to our cousin’s for reunion dinner.

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