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Burleigh Heads for the Family

Posted on February 01, 2011 by dorisch

Last weekend, we spent an afternoon in Burleigh Heads to enjoy some sun and surf and the weather was perfect.

Burleigh Heads is such a great place for the family and you can just laze around all day if you can find a shady spot. The waves was rough and we could hardly ride on our new body boards as we are still so new to this sport. Gold Coast is a fun place to play and I like to hang around and have fun. Some friends have gotten healthcare jobs in the city and stay behind long term. For us, it’s only less than an hour drive and it’s fun to just hang around. I was thinking we should explore more islands and it would be good to learn more about other hidden spots that aren’t too touristy.

We are heading to Moreton Bay this weekend and I look forward to more sun and surf. I would better top up my sunblock!

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