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Tips to Curb Motion Sickness 0

Posted on February 26, 2011 by dorisch

By car, boat, plane, or otherwise, motion sickness commonly effects many people, particularly children. This can easily make the ‘traveling’ portion of your experience absolutely no fun. Enter Peppermint essential oil.

Peppermint has long been used to calm uneasy stomachs, and is easily used. One drop (it is strong!) in a cup of warm water, sweetened if you like, can be sipped before and during the voyage. For the fussy ones, a drop can be added to a small amount of honey and taken from a spoon for the same effect.

Ginger essential oil is also known for it’s calming of upset stomachs – a little inhaled from a tissue or diluted in a carrier oil and rubbed on the abdomen can bring relief. One can also add a drop of ginger to warm water and drink as a strong tea – this may be effective for some food-related stomach issues as well, particularly when combined with the abdomen massage method. I was told that some traditional weight loss pills contain some ginger ingredients too.

Peppermint can also be uplifting to the weary driver or passenger – a drop or two placed on tissues in the car or near your seat will release the aroma into your surroundings. Be careful with this oil however, as getting it on sensitive areas of the skin (directly under the nose, and certainly near the eyes) can cause irritation. Tissues with the oil on it should not touch these areas directly.

Preparing for a Trip 0

Posted on February 26, 2011 by dorisch

Going on a trip is usually thought of as a wonderful experience, one that you and your family may have planned and looked forward to for some time. To have the most fun – to get the most out of the experience – it’s important that you and your loved ones have the means to overcome those little ailments and discomforts that can make the experience range from mildly unpleasant to downright unbearable. How can we include a little ‘Trip Insurance’ to our already overstuffed carry-ons or mini-vans? Aromatherapy has an answer with some readily-available essential oils.

Motion sickness, bug bites, digestive difficulties, and general travel weariness – to name a few – are common discomforts experienced when venturing away from home. Bring some vitamins for women if you need that booster. A small collection of inexpensive essential oils can provide great relief from these amusement-threatening ailments. ‘Treatment’ with these oils is simple – ranging from inhaling a little oil from a tissue, to adding to a bath, to drinking a drop with a warm cup of water. And, thankfully, relief often comes quickly because of the oils’ powerful properties and compatibility with our own bodies.

The Vacation Lady 0

Posted on February 24, 2011 by dorisch

I have an aunt who travels widely and I enjoy listening to her travel stories from time to time.

She likes to share with me her fat burner side effects and she’ll go on to tell me how she conquer her rock climbing fears in her teenage years. She’s big on timeshare resorts and often share about how much she save on accommodation with her membership.

There are all inclusive timeshare resorts located in many parts of the world, from Egypt to Brazil. Just as with traditional timeshares, knowing all the details before you purchase will save you a great deal of money and grief. If possible, you may wish to visit a property to become familiar with the area and the resortís features. As is the case with all timeshares, you would still have the option to exchange your all inclusive timeshare which would allow you to vacation at new properties each time.

Getting Enough Sleep 0

Posted on February 24, 2011 by dorisch

Sleep is so important to keep one healthy and the thing I fear most when I travel is to have a bad night of sleep. Thus, I am particular to choosing a nice accommodation during my vacation so as to sleep better at night.

Since I was a teenager, I have always wanted to find out how to get rid of dark circles as I do have bad ones. Dark circles are caused by late nights when I was a graphic designer so I can blame it on my work. Those eye rings are real and sometimes I feel embarrassed about it. I think I should just get more sleep instead of finding out solutions on how to erase those dark circles. I would perhaps try out those cold tea bags as suggested by some web sites.

Out for Some Beach Fun 0

Posted on February 24, 2011 by dorisch

We have been beach hopping in the last few weeks and we are enjoying it. I mean, why not head to the lovely beaches when the weather is warm and the waters are so nice. We thought we would better do more beach outings before it turns cold and before the weather turns wacky.

I have been spending some time on the worldwide web and came across some review sites and one of them is rankpay. Sometimes business people pay online consultants for bringing their website to the next level but only to find that it’s not getting them anywhere. Therefore it’s always good to read reviews before parting your money from these sites or online companies.

Tomorrow is Saturday and we are planning to head to Caloundra for another time of fun and sun. Let’s hope the sun doesn’t get too scorching and we ought to take out our body boards again!

Hotel Accommodation Deals Search Online 0

Posted on February 16, 2011 by dorisch

Why pay more than you have to for your hotel? If you search for a particular hotel on any search engine you will find wide a range of prices for the same room. You do not want a cheap hotel so much as a good hotel for the minimum cost, so YOU are the one paying the lowest rate in the hotel.

Personal recommendations are not always possible, but look for booking sites that have a customer comments page. You can go online to search for hotel selections to rv insurance and everything is at your fingertips! The reports are well worth checking out. They are usually short and people only bother if they have had a particularly good stay or if they have unfavorable comments to make. Comments like – Bathroom had smell of urine in the carpet, tell you far more than a glossy brochure or website ever could.

Searching for Good Deals 0

Posted on February 16, 2011 by dorisch

The semester school break is about two months away and I’m already planning where to go and what to do during that two weeks break.

It happened to fall on our anniversary so I would love to celebrate it in a relaxing and nice place. I have been receiving mobile phone alerts on good deals so I’m keeping a lookout for bargains. I’m wondering what to ask for on our anniversary but maybe I should choose a holiday over a gift. My friend got a Motorola Xoom for her anniversary gift and she’s so delighted about it.

I’m back to searching for cheap accommodation rates and who knows, I may be out traveling again in two months’ time.

Looking into Healthcare 0

Posted on February 02, 2011 by dorisch

Healthcare is important but unfortunately some people don’t think it’s important. The first thing we did when we got into the new city is to get ourselves a medicare card for our family.

There are many kinds of healthcare plans in this country and you need to find the right one for you. The disabled should look into Medicare part D plans and the internet can provide some information. It is good to know what you can covered for as you never know when you really need it. Don’t wait till last minute or something is happening to you before looking into a good health care program. You should think more about it if you have kids too.

Heading to Moreton Bay 0

Posted on February 01, 2011 by dorisch

I am pretty excited that we are heading to Moreton Bay this weekend. Besides the sun and fun we are going to have, I am glad that my cousin and her family is joining us.

This is the first time we are traveling together and I hope we can do that more. It’s going to be real exciting for the boys and I know that they will like the dolphins and sea life. I am praying that we can sight more interesting wildlife. It all depends on the weather and timing. The weather is very warm and humid today due to the cyclone and I do need a new fan. I am looking at several brands after buying my Samsung washing machine from the local electrical store.

Tomorrow is Chinese New Year and it’s going to be a quiet one for us. Nevertheless I don’t mind the change and we are going to our cousin’s for reunion dinner.

Burleigh Heads for the Family 0

Posted on February 01, 2011 by dorisch

Last weekend, we spent an afternoon in Burleigh Heads to enjoy some sun and surf and the weather was perfect.

Burleigh Heads is such a great place for the family and you can just laze around all day if you can find a shady spot. The waves was rough and we could hardly ride on our new body boards as we are still so new to this sport. Gold Coast is a fun place to play and I like to hang around and have fun. Some friends have gotten healthcare jobs in the city and stay behind long term. For us, it’s only less than an hour drive and it’s fun to just hang around. I was thinking we should explore more islands and it would be good to learn more about other hidden spots that aren’t too touristy.

We are heading to Moreton Bay this weekend and I look forward to more sun and surf. I would better top up my sunblock!

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