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Heading to Burleigh Heads

Posted on January 19, 2011 by dorisch

colon cleanse
Health matters alot to me and I’ve always be very keen to find alternative health solutions for myself all these years. So when I learn that I’ll be residing in australia, I know that I’ll have more options in regards to the area of natural health. Natural health is a big thing here.

I started my journey in natural health few years ago and it all began with a colon cleanse recommended by a friend. After years of following a health regime, I can see an improvement in many areas of my health and I am thankful for that. This year, I purpose to do more outdoor activities and desire better health the year round around. I’m still working to improve my stamina and with more opportunities to get out there in the park, I know things are looking good.

This weekend, we may be heading to Burleigh Heads for the beautiful beaches in the sun. Now I’m just praying for good weather as it’s been lots of rain lately. Burleigh Heads is such a great place to unwind and relax and the waters are beautiful!

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