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Searching for Easter Vacation 0

Posted on January 25, 2011 by dorisch

The long december holidays are over and it’s time to get on with work and the new daily routine of 2011. Though it’s just the first month of the year, I’m already looking at the calendar and planning a vacation for the long easter break.

My little junior has started school so school holidays need to be worked around his schedule too. I’m already looking at some destinations and accommodation. When I choose a hotel, I like to find one that isn’t too old and if it’s of a certain age, I look for the quality service. Some modern hotels offer high tech amenities and you can find dehumidifier or an air purifier in the room. That can be a nice touch if the city is very polluted. Chi Residences in Hong Kong has an air purifier in each room which is a nice touch and give guests a peace of mind on the cleaner air in the room.

So now it’s time to think about where are the possible destinations for the coming easter break. The search begins.

Heading to Burleigh Heads 0

Posted on January 19, 2011 by dorisch

colon cleanse
Health matters alot to me and I’ve always be very keen to find alternative health solutions for myself all these years. So when I learn that I’ll be residing in australia, I know that I’ll have more options in regards to the area of natural health. Natural health is a big thing here.

I started my journey in natural health few years ago and it all began with a colon cleanse recommended by a friend. After years of following a health regime, I can see an improvement in many areas of my health and I am thankful for that. This year, I purpose to do more outdoor activities and desire better health the year round around. I’m still working to improve my stamina and with more opportunities to get out there in the park, I know things are looking good.

This weekend, we may be heading to Burleigh Heads for the beautiful beaches in the sun. Now I’m just praying for good weather as it’s been lots of rain lately. Burleigh Heads is such a great place to unwind and relax and the waters are beautiful!

Quality of Life 0

Posted on January 19, 2011 by dorisch

Quality of life matters to lots of people and I’m one of them.

In the last few weeks i have been enjoying the great outdoors that many Aussies enjoy and the lifestyle is one that I have longed for for years. Some people think it’s too quiet and boring but it’s not so for me. Few days ago, I went for a walk in the park and there was a section where dog owners teach dog training tricks in the area. It’s a designated place for dogs and I thought it was nice.

While others think less of the quietness, i think highly of it and treasure it every moment.

Lose Weight As You Travel 0

Posted on January 17, 2011 by dorisch

While flipping through some of the health and natural beauty magazines, I notice a trend among those who want to lose weight. It’s a trend to actually travel, stay in a resort and lose weight under a special supervised diet.

In the marketplace, there are those who search around for safest diet pills that work but it’s not easy to decide which one works best. As such, some may need guidance and special instruction under an experienced health professional in the dieting process. With proper guidance, it’s possible to lose weight if you can’t afford those stay in diet vacations. Detox camps are very popular now and it makes sense to check yourself in if you have no discipline to lose weight on your own.

Weddings and Travel 0

Posted on January 17, 2011 by dorisch

It’s been a popular trend that wedding couples travel for their weddings. I have a friend who specializes in organizing weddings in Bali and she often shares her exciting tales with me about those exotic weddings.

Many hotels in Bali offer : all inclusive wedding packages that entice wedding couples and I must say that it’s a romantic package for many. I mean, it’s so romantic to tie the knot with the ocean by your footsteps and most of all, to have your close family and friends celebrating the occasion with you. It must be a memorable one too.

Bali weddings can be nice but if that’s too far for you, then check out the local beaches and see if you can host it in one of the waterfront restaurants and cafe. I think that’s equally nice.

Looking Forward to Sunny Days 0

Posted on January 17, 2011 by dorisch

It’s summer in Brisbane now and the nickname of being a sunshine state had recently been tarnished by a furious flood in the city and surroundings.

As Brisbane begins its recovery efforts, the sun is shining again and it speaks hope for many residents here. In a few months’ time, it will be : electric blanket time and winter will be here. It will be our first winter down under and I hope that the cold won’t be too drastic for us. Settling down in Brisbane is easy with the acceptable climate that is contrasting to Melbourne’s. It’s nice on a sunny day and a little humid on some evenings. But on the overall, it’s comfortable and enjoyable.

I look forward to hanging out on the beaches once the flood crisis is over. It will take the recovery team a while to put things together again. Meantime the spirit of the queen slanders appear strong.

Technology helps to Communicate 0

Posted on January 15, 2011 by dorisch

These days, the phone has become more than a device that makes and receive phone calls.

Whenever I’m out and about, I see people using their smart phones for photo taking, sending emails, taking down notes, reading news and playing games. From iPhones to blackberry torch, there are so many different phone options out there and they can do more than just making phone calls. I’ve been a smart phone user for years and it’s hard not to have my phone with me wherever I am.

Sometimes I wonder where will technology takes us. Maybe someday, we will communication with a chip in our hand instead of carrying anything physical!

Learning a New Thing 0

Posted on January 15, 2011 by dorisch

After being here in Brisbane for a few weeks, we had done so much. Last week, we spent four nights and it was a good break despite the many days of rain.

Once our container arrives and I’m done with all the packing, it’s time to look at some online degree programs for my upgrading purposes. I’ve alway want to pick up a study in natural health and Australia is a good place to learn. With so many courses out there I must decide what’s suitable for me and what works best for my interest.

In the next few weeks, I hope to visit the sunshine coast when the weather clears up.

Liking Kangaroo Point 0

Posted on January 03, 2011 by dorisch

After staying in Kangaroo point for three weeks, I’m liking it so much because it’s such close proximity to the city and the river banks.

I didn’t take a walk this morning as I was so tired from the few days of long walking. We managed to grab some incredibly good buys from the outdoor adventure stores during the year end clearance sale and that was good. I am still looking out for good buys for a scanner software and all I need is a car to bring me around now.

I’m getting a little frustrated with my blocked ears and I think I would some medical help in the next few days to restore my ear health condition. Today, it’s to Southbank for a good hot chocolate at Chocolate by the Bald Man before heading to the city for some shopping.

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