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Settling Down in Brissy

Posted on December 14, 2010 by dorisch

I can’t wait to visit the beaches now that I’m in Brisbane. I used to come here as a visitor where I visit beaches and enjoy the Queensland sun but now, things are different.

We have been busy with finding a place and settling some important stuff. In the last few days, we’ve been shopping around for laserjet 3550 for our home office and getting a phone line for each of us. It has been daunting with the registration process as the credit checks here are pretty stringent. Having a room with a river apartment is nice as we wake up to an open view. I thought I would better enjoy this before I move to a townhouse in the suburb without a view! We’ll be viewing some houses this week and it would be great to find one with a nice park or open space view.

For now, it’s more adjustments to a new culture and a new place. It’s nice to finally touch down in Brissy.

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