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No Cheap Accommodation Rates for Christmas

Posted on November 25, 2010 by dorisch

Christmas is just about one month away and many of my friends are already making plans to travel during this period. Well, all I know is you won’t get cheap accommodation rates during this holiday season. Instead you should be prepare to pay extra for room accommodation.

As I strolled down the streets of Orchard road, I saw the christmas trees and all the decorations. They are beautiful. I can see that the lights are up but where are the sales and special Christmas promotions I wonder? I will be spending my Christmas down under and it should be fun. I believe the stores will have lots of gifts and special buys during that period too.

So if you are thinking that cheap accommodation rates is possible during Christmas, you will be disappointed. If possible, travel to places where there are less people and you will not pay through your nose.

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