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No Cheap Accommodation Rates for Christmas 0

Posted on November 25, 2010 by dorisch

Christmas is just about one month away and many of my friends are already making plans to travel during this period. Well, all I know is you won’t get cheap accommodation rates during this holiday season. Instead you should be prepare to pay extra for room accommodation.

As I strolled down the streets of Orchard road, I saw the christmas trees and all the decorations. They are beautiful. I can see that the lights are up but where are the sales and special Christmas promotions I wonder? I will be spending my Christmas down under and it should be fun. I believe the stores will have lots of gifts and special buys during that period too.

So if you are thinking that cheap accommodation rates is possible during Christmas, you will be disappointed. If possible, travel to places where there are less people and you will not pay through your nose.

Christmas Travels 0

Posted on November 18, 2010 by dorisch

The year end holidays are here and it’s another busy time in air traffic again. This is also a time where people shop for Christmas and I’m one of those who prefer to shop for Christmas gifts overseas.

Many of us don’t travel alone and even if we do, we tend to visit our friends in the destination of our travel. Last Christmas, I visited my cousin and bought her the most effective weight loss pills for Christmas as she was geared to lose some pounds. She was so kind to roast us dinners every night and I miss her yummy cooking!

This Christmas, we’ll be spending time by ourselves in Brisbane and perhaps cook ourselves a steak dinner with the fresh produce we can find down under. A homely Christmas is what I like and that way, I don’t need to worry about busy accommodation in hotels and all.

Booking a Beach Vacation 0

Posted on November 16, 2010 by dorisch

There are some important essentials I would pack when I’m on a vacation. Other than my skincare and personal belongings, I make sure I am wearing a pair of comfortable shoes for that occasion.

When you are looking for a beach rental you will want to think about the type of rental that you are looking for. You will find that there are going to be villas and resorts available, but also apartments and condos. You will want to make sure that it matches your personal tastes. You will find that it all depends on a few things rather you get what you want or settle for something different. You will find that you will be looking for a vacation home that you can afford location, and how many people are coming with you. I like to rent a beach vacation home and put on my Nike running shoes in the morning for a run. It is nice and refreshing!

If this is the first time that you are looking to rent, you may need to go through a specific company that handles the rentals because you will be able to reserve the beach house every year at the same time, as long as you book it at the end of your trip.

Traveling Leisurely in Great Fun 0

Posted on November 16, 2010 by dorisch

We as human beings need a break from our daily routine, for parents their daily routine could be their work, for children it is school or college. But when we talk about vacation, it is the time, when children and parents look forward for it.

A little time once again to get all bonded up, in the daily routine work of life, family members tend to get exhausted and perhaps have a very little time to spend together. It is the only time when all the members once again can rejuvenate and start by once again having fun together.

Families during vacations usually like to spend time on their own without having work or anyone interfering between them. So the places they chose are away from their home, most of the families do like to travel in a caravan. A caravan is very convenient because of some of the facilities it has within it, like a small kitchen, and two small bedrooms. It may be different from those shopping vacations where all you do is buy and shop, listen to the barcode scanner at the cash register…etc.

Now that could be a drive, and that is the purpose. They can choose to go camping to various different places along with the caravan, most of them carry maps along with them so they donít get lost and also so that, wherever they find nice climate and nice place they can take halt anytime. It is easier to travel in a caravan, because it is also safe specially when there are little children too. Although I have to say there are some safety measures that they can take care of too.

Best Accommodation Deals and Year End Travel 0

Posted on November 16, 2010 by dorisch

The school holidays are here and families with kids are already grabbing best accommodation deals and making plans to take year end vacations.

We won’t be traveling anymore except for heading back to our hometown to bid farewell with our family and friends. It’s going to be a bitter sweet feeling as I know that I’ll miss my family and friends. I’m also equally excited about the new journey ahead and I look forward to the new environment. I told DH that I’ll look into hydroponic systems when I settle into our own homes. It will be good to grow our own vegetables and I’ve always love anything organic.

I’ll be heading for Singapore this weekend and it will be a busy time for me as I catch up with my family and close friends. I’ll be shopping for all the things I can’t find in Brissy and I’m just excited to walk down the streets of Orchard road again!

Beach Resorts and Boutique Hotels 0

Posted on November 02, 2010 by dorisch

Beach resorts are one of the most ideal locations for boutique hotels. The idea of stepping out from your bedroom onto your own private beach area, or staying in an exclusive location just minutesí walk from the sea is an attractive one to many. No chic beach resort is like another, however, so itís worth taking a look at locations and hotels before you decide exactly what type of beach holiday is right for you.

There’s plenty of opportunity for boutique accommodation in the worldís island resorts. While checking out the ATV Parts online, I had the pleasure to check out some of the nice beach boutique resorts. From the Maldives in the Indian Ocean to the always-popular Caribbean islands, the lure of white beaches, blue seas and a laid-back atmosphere attracts visitors from all over the world. Beach boutiques on the islands make the most of the natural environment, using colour and texture to bring the outdoors inside and creating relaxing surroundings that enable you to enjoy your beach holiday to the full. Examples of island boutiques include:

• Ostraco Suites, Mykonos, Greece
• Quilalea Island, Mozambique
• Elysian Bali Villas, Seminyak, Bali
• Montpelier Plantation Inn, St. Kitts & Nevis
• The Lone Star Hotel and Restaurant, Barbados
• Fundu Lagoon, Zanzibar

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