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Adventure In New Zealand 0

Posted on October 02, 2010 by dorisch

Few years ago, our family trip spent a month traveling around New Zealand and we had a wonderful time. We stayed in some nice places and managed to get some best accommodation deals during our stay.

When we get the chance to visit New Zealand again, we would love to rent a campervan or motor home. We have seen many travelers doing that in NZ and it was nice! We had the chance to step inside one and thought it was cool cooking and sleeping in one place! I believe it would be good to hook up with a good insurance coverage in case of any motor home repairs during the vacation. My hubby isn’t too big about driving long distances but some of the long drives are scenic which is okay.

Hopefully we can travel with some likeminded friends by then and we can then take turns to drive the motor home or campervan. This is a real adventure that I wanna do before I grow old!

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