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Traveling to a Tropical Destination

Posted on October 26, 2010 by dorisch

Traveling to a tropical climate is great when you aren’t keen on loading your luggage with bulky winter clothing. But there are a few must-haves when you are visiting a tropical destination.

Firstly, armed yourself with good sunblock or tanning lotions, depending on what you are after. These days, ladies are worried about sun spots and freckles so a good sunblock is necessary. Bring alot your pair of sunglasses to protect your eyes from the strong sun rays! That is needless to say! Bring a hat and one with a big frame to keep the sun away from your face. It may seem troublesome but it’s important. These days, you can find clothing with SPF but I’m too sure if they will work in the long run.

Last but not least, bring your bathing suit and goggles if you are off to the beach or pool. A good book to and your iPod will be great accompaniments if you are after a good break under those coconut trees!

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