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Today’s Savvy Travelers

Posted on October 15, 2010 by dorisch

I often think that you can get cheap accommodation rates if you book directly from the hotel but it’s not necessarily so. While most hotels do offer better rates to customers who book direct, others charge more which is ridiculous.

With today’s web technology. you can fool your customers anymore. Today’s travelers are savvy, price conscious and they are an educated bunch who want the best at the best rates too. They search the web for hotel rates, airlines tickets. insurance quotes. car rentals and destination guides. They know what they want and they are capable of getting the price they want too. So merchants should market with that in mind to avoid wasting their advertising dollar.

The web is the cheapest way to market for most businesses including hoteliers. If hoteliers leverage on the power of the web, the business can grow rapidly within a short time.

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