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Adventure Vacation for You?

Posted on September 21, 2010 by dorisch

A friend of mine who is an adventure is going on a camping trip this week. She is one of those who will not put on weight during her vacation and she’ll still enjoy her cheap accommodation rates during her travels.

She climbs mountains, goes trekking and does all kinds of water sports whenever possible and I can finally conclude that she’s a thrill seeker. She has no problems with finding ways to burn belly fat as all the activities she did during her travels would make her burn calories too. After all the adventures, she’ll go for a good massage from a local therapist and ease all the tension from her muscles. That for her is what a vacation is all about.

For me, a camping trip is nice but I prefer a more relaxing type of vacation where I can relax and enjoy simple pleasures of the sun. That’s life for me.

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