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Visiting Hanoi

Posted on September 17, 2010 by dorisch

I’ve often heard friends telling me about Hanoi and their shopping sprees there and often want to see it for myself. So I’m glad I’ve finally have the chance to do so. Months ago, I managed to secure some best accommodation deals at Hanoi Elegance 5 and I’m excited about visiting Hanoi.

We arrived yesterday and did a one hour cycling tour. It was quite an eye opener for me as the traffic in Hanoi was very disorderly. It took us some time to know how to cross the busy roads as many of the motorists don’t follow the traffic rules. After a short walk around in Old Quarter, a place containing lots of streets where you can find all kinds of things, from floor register to stainless steel bird cages, I found it tiring to navigate through those busy scooters and cars. The air was polluted and my eyes was tired after a short while.

Well, I still have three more nights here and let’s hope things get better today. It sure will.

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