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Best Accommodation Deals in Hong Kong

Posted on August 10, 2010 by dorisch

After searching for some time on cheap accommodation rates to Hong Kong, I have narrowed down to a few choices.

Actually Hong Kong accommodation aren’t cheap to begin with. Most of the hotel rooms are small and if they are cheap, you better be in for a surprise! In fact, some of the five star hotels charge a high price for a small room and this is especially if they are located near a mall or train line. But after much comparison, I have settled down for The Mira in Tsimshatsui for my family. I’m one of those who is concerned about home ventilation so I prefer to have a spacious room and living area. I was glad to get the best accommodation deals for the small suite due to a current promotional package.

So I’m set to visit Hong Kong again this summer end with my loved ones. I am so excited that I can have this wonderful opportunity.

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