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Planning for Year End Vacation

Posted on July 26, 2010 by dorisch

I was chatting with my cousin on msn and learned that she’s heading for Melbourne this Friday with her family and few friends. She was sharing about the best accommodation deals from the tours she booked and what they would be doing throughout the 8 days.

As everyone starts to plan for year end vacations, I’m hoping that there are more airfare promotional deals out there. As air travel increases, airfares are rising and this isn’t good news for consumers. Compared to last year, airfares are dearer now unless there are promotions. I was just wondering what I would do for Christmas this year. It may be too soon to plan cos the Christmas cards aren’t even out on the shelves! With online cards these days, more people are turning to cardless greetings.

Maybe we’ll spend some nights in Gold Coast when everything is settled. Otherwise, there is always other beaches to visit before school begins for my little boy.

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