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Shopping in Asia

Posted on July 08, 2010 by dorisch

Everyone loves to shop when they are on a vacation. Shopping doesn’t mean buying something. It does mean walking about and checking out what’s in and around. It is a fun thing to do when you aren’t in a hurry at all.

I love shopping in Hong Kong, Singapore and Japan. It is awesome. These are the few places in Asia with nice and cool stuff and enough selections to let you go crazy. Whether you are looking for shoes or the latest fashion in town, they have lots to offer. Hong Kong is a fantastic place to shop during the annual summer sale as things do get really cheap. Singapore has sale periods end season and in the festive and it’s still a nice place to find the latest stuff. Tokyo can be expensive but there are a few things that are exclusive to this city such as the Burberry’s Blue Label. Well, when it comes to cosmetics, Tokyo is the place! You can find from street brands to prototype 37c – Japanese women love beauty stuff!

So much about shopping, I’m missing Hong Kong and hope to return in a few months’ time. Then again, I may burn a hole in my pocket so let’s see!

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