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Bali is Not Just About Best Accommodation Deals 0

Posted on May 10, 2010 by dorisch

I used to hear stories about Bali weddings and how many wedding couples flock to this beautiful island to tie the knot. I didn’t understand why and wonder if it’s just another vacation destination that offer best accommodation deals that lure tourists.

But after a few weeks search on bali villas and accommodation, I am totally impressed by Bali and what the island offers. Other than being a close to perfect wedding destination that is romantic and serene, it is a great place to hide away, take it slow and enjoy a nice break. I have to admit that the villa stay doesn’t come cheap but they are beautiful. I took time to read the reviews at tripadvisor and many travelers had wonderful travel experiences in Bali. My impression of Bali has been dated and it’s changing rapidly as I read more reviews.

Organizing a wedding in bali is more than just getting the perfect wedding napkins and favors. It allows a close gathering of family and friends as they enjoy the natural beauty of the culture, the sights and people.

Now I can’t wait to see Bali for myself and experience what other travelers are seeing and savouring. Most of all, I will soon understand why millions are flying to Bali for week long vacations with families and friends. One thing for sure, it’s not about the best accommodation deals they are getting!

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