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Traveling with Essentials

Posted on May 31, 2010 by dorisch

With all the food that I’m going to consume in my coming holidays, I’d better keep an eye on my weight! Amidst the excitement leading to my trip, I need to clear up as much work as I possibly can before I can take off.

There are a few health essentials that I can’t leave out when I’m traveling. My friendly bacteria is one of them plus my Vitamin C, antioxidants, cholesterol supplements and manuka honey. I heard from a friend that she travels with irvingia as it helps her keeps her weight and cholesterol in check. Apart from certain essentials, I also make sure I drink from bottled water in some countries so as to avoid having any stomach troubles.

To each his own and everyone has their own list of must-haves and must-buys when they are out traveling in some unknown country. It always pays to be prepared and ready.

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