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Asia Travels This Year

Posted on May 30, 2010 by dorisch

There are many beach destinations in the world that I really love to visit someday. But some of them are abit out of reach unless you have a deep pockets with high spending power.

Personally, I like to travel a little further and would be selective in my Asia travels. But this year will be different. Our family is planning to take several trips around Asia since they are more affordable. Besides we can’t be taking long trips due to our busy work schedules. Hubby will be off to Myanmar with a few church members and he’s been reminded to bring a fan for the trip! I told him he’d better bring his acne face wash since he might be staying up late and traveling offroad quite a fair bit. I know very little about Myanmar besides watching a few videos on the democracy protests in

Who knows, I might decide to pay a visit to Myanmar and record the local cultures with photography.

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