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Posted on May 26, 2010 by dorisch

A friend just commented in my Facebook after I posted the status of a confirmed trip to Hanoi. Well, I enjoy searching for best accommodation deals whenever a trip is confirmed, it’s so fun to search the right accommodation and to find out more about the new destination.

Well, whether new or old destination, I like to travel and explore the exciting adventures that await me in a vacation. I count myself blessed to travel to many places even though I do hope to visit Europe before I’m too old to walk long paths. I like to mix relaxation with shopping in every vacation. A beach holiday is nice but I can get bored after staying at the beach and lazing around. I like to shop around for local things and eat local cuisine that is authentic. With father’s day coming up, I might be able to pick up some fathers day gifts in an upcoming trip to Penang.

Now is the time to search for best accommodation deals cos summer sale is happening in many hotels in the world. Search Your Hotel now.

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