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Cheap Accommodation Rates in Brisbane Holiday Village

Posted on May 18, 2010 by dorisch

In about six months’ time, we will be making our big move to down under. As such, I have been busy checking on rentals and cheap accommodation rates for short term stays while looking for a permanent place to rent.

Well, I was glad that after a couple of weeks’ of search, I came across Brisbane Holiday Village which looks like a great place to stay if we can’t find a place to bunk in. It is situated 10 mins drive to Brisbane city and it’s near to where I want to live. Though there isn’t any HDTV in the cabins, the corporate and holiday cabins do look good for a family of our size. I believe this is a great place to stop over for anyone looking to stay in an affordable accommodation if you are traveling to Brisbane. You can also find best accommodation deals during the off peak months. With an award winning status, I believe this place won’t go wrong!

So I’m now pretty comforted that I can find a cheap accommodation at Brisbane southside. At least, I know I’ll have a roof over our heads for a few weeks before moving to a more permanent place.

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