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Planning A Vacation For Mom

Posted on May 11, 2010 by dorisch

I told myself early this year that I would like to take my mom for a vacation before I migrate. And when it comes to traveling with older folks, you need to choose a destination that is suitable for them. For mom, she prefers to travel Asia and so, I’m thinking about Taiwan or Hong Kong. Both of these countries do offer best accommodation deals on certain times of the year so I need to be on the look out.

With more people traveling this year, the airlines are raising prices and that’s not good news for those who love to travel. Budget airlines are popular with families since it brings huge savings. Personally I wouldn’t mind paying a little more for better seating and comfort. Traveling in a budget airlines for long hours can be torturous!

My uncle had reminded me to find out more about testosterone cream for him should I travel to US but I don’t think this would be my destination for this year. I’m still sticking to Asia so as to cut my travel cost down. With more planning in months to come, I’m getting excited to travel again!

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