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Traveling with Essentials 0

Posted on May 31, 2010 by dorisch

With all the food that I’m going to consume in my coming holidays, I’d better keep an eye on my weight! Amidst the excitement leading to my trip, I need to clear up as much work as I possibly can before I can take off.

There are a few health essentials that I can’t leave out when I’m traveling. My friendly bacteria is one of them plus my Vitamin C, antioxidants, cholesterol supplements and manuka honey. I heard from a friend that she travels with irvingia as it helps her keeps her weight and cholesterol in check. Apart from certain essentials, I also make sure I drink from bottled water in some countries so as to avoid having any stomach troubles.

To each his own and everyone has their own list of must-haves and must-buys when they are out traveling in some unknown country. It always pays to be prepared and ready.

Search Cheap Accommodation Rates for Greece 0

Posted on May 31, 2010 by dorisch

I’ve been following the business and finance news for some time and believe it not, the world’s current economic situation will affect the travel industry by and large. With what’s going in Europe, it’s probably a good time to visit the cities as the pounds and euros are on a low.

If you are planning to visit Greece, it might be a good time to enjoy cheap accommodation rates with the country’s poor economic ratings. Greece has some of the best of the best Hotels in the world and you will be surprised at the variety on offer. You can choose from small, cozy and affordable cottages to high class luxury hotels that cater to tourists who are accustomed to international luxury standards. My Pilates instructor was there for her honeymoon and she had a great time there. She ate and dined so much that she was reading curvatrim reviews and weight loss options for a while!

You can also look for cheap accommodation rates for Greece on the internet. There are numerous websites that are dedicated to the tourist looking for travel and accommodation in Greece. You are sure to find a hotel that suits your needs and requirements. Search Your Hotel now.

Asia Travels This Year 0

Posted on May 30, 2010 by dorisch

There are many beach destinations in the world that I really love to visit someday. But some of them are abit out of reach unless you have a deep pockets with high spending power.

Personally, I like to travel a little further and would be selective in my Asia travels. But this year will be different. Our family is planning to take several trips around Asia since they are more affordable. Besides we can’t be taking long trips due to our busy work schedules. Hubby will be off to Myanmar with a few church members and he’s been reminded to bring a fan for the trip! I told him he’d better bring his acne face wash since he might be staying up late and traveling offroad quite a fair bit. I know very little about Myanmar besides watching a few videos on the democracy protests in

Who knows, I might decide to pay a visit to Myanmar and record the local cultures with photography.

Cheap Accommodation Rates from the Internet 0

Posted on May 30, 2010 by dorisch

Friends call me travel bug cos I feel uneasy when I’m not going anywhere for more than 30 days. It feels uncomfortable if I’m not out there exploring and experiencing new things from a different culture.

Even if I’m not traveling, I like to help my friends to check out cheap accommodation rates online. With the internet, travel has been made easy and convenient and you can even purchase last minute air tickets online. Hotel rooms can be easily booked one day before travels and you can even secure last minute good deals if you are adventurous enough. Having said that, my experience tells me that last minute may not necessarily means it’s the cheapest. Sometimes it’s cheaper to book tickets in advance so you need to do your ground work first if possible. I was chatting with a friend in the forum and she was working in a Gulf Coast Jones Act firm. She was sharing with me about the cheap accommodation rates she had gotten from but sometimes the hotel tends to release a not-so-nice-room for deals like that.

In any case, do your research to avoid disappointment and this can be done with a few clicks on the internet with today’s powerful search engine.

Travel Adventures Next Few Months 0

Posted on May 26, 2010 by dorisch

Some people can never get enough of holidays and I’m one of them! I always admire those hosts of lonely planet and travel documentaries and always think they’ve got one of the best jobs!

With budget airlines on the rise and more cheap accommodation rates in busy cities, more can afford to travel and see the world. Some of my friends are planning a trip to London and I really wish I can join them! Sometimes I think one of the best franchise opportunities has to be related to travel. As I geared up for my trips in the next few months, I hope to keep a records of all my expeditions and adventures for my family and friends.

I’m so glad that within two days, I had managed to confirm my trip to Hanoi and my accommodation at Hanoi Elegance and a Halong Bay cruise. I’m definitely looking forward to a nice time with my family.

Search For Best Accommodation Deals 0

Posted on May 26, 2010 by dorisch

A friend just commented in my Facebook after I posted the status of a confirmed trip to Hanoi. Well, I enjoy searching for best accommodation deals whenever a trip is confirmed, it’s so fun to search the right accommodation and to find out more about the new destination.

Well, whether new or old destination, I like to travel and explore the exciting adventures that await me in a vacation. I count myself blessed to travel to many places even though I do hope to visit Europe before I’m too old to walk long paths. I like to mix relaxation with shopping in every vacation. A beach holiday is nice but I can get bored after staying at the beach and lazing around. I like to shop around for local things and eat local cuisine that is authentic. With father’s day coming up, I might be able to pick up some fathers day gifts in an upcoming trip to Penang.

Now is the time to search for best accommodation deals cos summer sale is happening in many hotels in the world. Search Your Hotel now.

Search Best Accommodation Deals 0

Posted on May 20, 2010 by dorisch

I’ve been receiving emails upon emails on coming travel promotions and best accommodation deals around the world everyday. Summer holidays is around the corner and many families would have planned their vacation for a good break.

While some seek an urban holiday of shopping and fun, others prefer a beach holiday of lazing around the beach and doing nothing. I recalled one beach vacation years ago and I saw lots of retired holidaymakers sitting by the poolside, sipping cocktails and smoking cigars. It was life for them! The younger ones would probably want abit more adventure and prefer to get active. With so many places to visit around the world, there is no lack to where one can travel to.

For cheap accommodation rates or best accommodation rates, try searching your hotels early and avoid the mad rush during the peak holidays.

Cheap Accommodation Rates in Brisbane Holiday Village 0

Posted on May 18, 2010 by dorisch

In about six months’ time, we will be making our big move to down under. As such, I have been busy checking on rentals and cheap accommodation rates for short term stays while looking for a permanent place to rent.

Well, I was glad that after a couple of weeks’ of search, I came across Brisbane Holiday Village which looks like a great place to stay if we can’t find a place to bunk in. It is situated 10 mins drive to Brisbane city and it’s near to where I want to live. Though there isn’t any HDTV in the cabins, the corporate and holiday cabins do look good for a family of our size. I believe this is a great place to stop over for anyone looking to stay in an affordable accommodation if you are traveling to Brisbane. You can also find best accommodation deals during the off peak months. With an award winning status, I believe this place won’t go wrong!

So I’m now pretty comforted that I can find a cheap accommodation at Brisbane southside. At least, I know I’ll have a roof over our heads for a few weeks before moving to a more permanent place.

Luxury Villas in Bali 0

Posted on May 13, 2010 by dorisch

After searching around for Bali villas in the past couple of weeks, I have deduced that it won’t be possible to find cheap accommodation rates if I want to experience the real Balinese experience in a nice villa.

Well, there is Uma Sapna which goes for $150 a night, which is a pretty good deal for a good size villa. The reviews in Trip Advisor assures me that it’s a good place to stay. Nice space, beautiful layout and settings and affordable. Then I was lured by the nice touches of Ulin Villas and Spa and thought I could afford to splurge a little. While I was reading apidexin reviews on the website, I received an email from the villa. They are offering a nice package with some perks at almost $300 a night. But what I like about it is that there is no additional charges such as high season surcharge or the 21% government tax, which I thought is hefty.

But I suppose I would not complain since I have opted for a little luxury. You can find that with cheap accommodation rates cos everything comes with a price. So I’m really looking forward to good massages, privacy at the pool and a nice, relaxing time in the luxury villa.

Planning A Vacation For Mom 0

Posted on May 11, 2010 by dorisch

I told myself early this year that I would like to take my mom for a vacation before I migrate. And when it comes to traveling with older folks, you need to choose a destination that is suitable for them. For mom, she prefers to travel Asia and so, I’m thinking about Taiwan or Hong Kong. Both of these countries do offer best accommodation deals on certain times of the year so I need to be on the look out.

With more people traveling this year, the airlines are raising prices and that’s not good news for those who love to travel. Budget airlines are popular with families since it brings huge savings. Personally I wouldn’t mind paying a little more for better seating and comfort. Traveling in a budget airlines for long hours can be torturous!

My uncle had reminded me to find out more about testosterone cream for him should I travel to US but I don’t think this would be my destination for this year. I’m still sticking to Asia so as to cut my travel cost down. With more planning in months to come, I’m getting excited to travel again!

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