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Travel to Bali for Furniture Shopping

Posted on April 14, 2010 by dorisch

A friend of mine was asking if I know of any cheap accommodation rates to Bali as she is planning to travel there to buy some furniture for her new home. After my conversation with her, I found out that many people have gone to Bali to shop for teak furniture and decoratives as the prices are attractive especially if you are paying in rupees!

I have been to Bali once and besides the beaches and good local food, I like the craftmanship of the wooden furniture. Many of them are hand carved by locals and these artisans take great pain to finish off a piece of good furniture. Their outdoor furniture is particularly popular as they are often made of solid wood and withstand the stress of extreme temperatures for any climate. Teak wood is popular in Bali but you should shop around and compare prices for the best deals.

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