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Posted on April 13, 2010 by dorisch

The best season to grab cheap accommodation rates has to be early in the year. Avoid school holidays or summer breaks as the accommodation will tend to peak during that season.

My friends are planning for a trip to London and they are making me envious! I have never been to London and I do love to make a trip someday. I read about the good shopping and beautiful architecture in London. Having lived in London for more than five years, my good friend is loving every minute of being there. If only the air ticket is a little more affordable, I would not hesitate to make a trip in the next half of the year. But I have been warned about the costly accommodation in the city. You can search your hotel ( and check prices months before your travel and compare before deciding on the best.

I guess I’m happy to be able to make a trip to Hong Kong for now. My friend almost had to bring her Ripped Freak when she was traveling there last year. The food was just too good that she had put on few pounds within a week! Hong Kong accommodation has become more affordable over the years due to more hotels opening up in the last few years. With keen competition, it is not hard to get cheap accommodation rates if you travel outside the peak season.

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