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Anticipating for the Move 0

Posted on March 31, 2010 by dorisch

As part of our move, we went furniture shopping last weekend. Since we’ve been told that it’s cheaper to buy all the furniture here, we have decided to buy the basics and put them all in the container. With this migration, we see ourselves traveling within Australia in the next two years and I’m looking forward to visit all the beaches in Queensland!

Moving to a new home is both fun and exciting. I can anticipate the stress too as there’ll be changes, adjustments and lifestyle alterations. I’m naturally an adaptable person but not my other half. I foresee him struggling in his preferences in the area of food choices. He’s a typical man who likes Asian food more than the simple Western fare. Along the way, we also shopped for some custom slipcovers and checked out some big ticket electronic items for the new home. At this point, I am not thinking about the packing bit but it will be in a few months’ time.

Well, as the move is set, it is good to think positive and look ahead and not worry about the challenges here and there. This time, weekend breakaways should be more accessible and affordable!

Thoughts of Vacation 0

Posted on March 30, 2010 by dorisch

When is the last time you take a vacation with your family? The reality is, not many people have the luxury to travel with the family. Some folks don’t like to travel and it’s hard to get them to hop on the plane!

Many older generation feels that traveling is a waste of money. My mom is one of them. It’s hard to get her to travel or to leave her comfort zone. But for the modern individuals, travel is good for the mind, body and soul. Everyone deserves a break and rest to break free from the stresses in their lives. The older folks spend their money on home insurance, their kids and medical so they have a different perspective and focus. For the younger generation, they feel itchy when they have to stay put in one place!

Well, it’s normal that everyone of us thinks differently and we just have to pursue our likes and wants. But with today’s affordable travel, many people can see the world now.

Walking Holiday 0

Posted on March 22, 2010 by dorisch

While many people put on weight during a vacation, I know of some who lost weight. People tend to let their guards down and indulge to their hearts’ content while they are on a break. But there are some who choose outdoor holidays so that they can have a good workout!

Do you know that the best way to lose weight during a vacation is to do more walking? Some travelers are too lazy to walk and would ride on a taxi everywhere they go. I guess it depends on the country’s public transport system too. If you are in a developed urban city, then walking will be the best fat burner. I love walking holidays. Though it’s tiring but I feel good exploring on foot. You tend to see more and explore things at a slower pace. This is something you can’t achieve when traveling on a tour package.

When planning on a walking holiday, don’t forget to put on good shoes to avoid any sores or pain in your foot!

Finding Cheap Accommodation Rates in Taiwan 0

Posted on March 22, 2010 by dorisch

In August, I plan to take my mom for a short vacation to celebrate her 51st birthday. Well in actual fact, I have never traveled with my mom and I know that she isn’t a very easy person to travel with! Nevertheless, I still want to take her for a trip before my move and so, I’ve been searching around for cheap accommodation rates in Taiwan.

My mom isn’t an adventurous person so I think Taiwan will be good for her. Language wise, she would have no issues. Food wise, it should be fine too. Plus, Taipei can be a great place to shop and dine. I have to remind her to bring along her joint supplements during the trip as she’s been suffering from some knee pain. I miss the Shh iLin market in Taiwan – so much to see, buy and do! For those who adore Birkenstock shoes, the designs are up to date in Taipei and the prices in Shih Lin market is reasonable. I must also visit Lao Jie for the dried fruits cos they are so yummy!

I do hope that I can get some good and cheap accommodation rates in Taipei in August. But first, I need to check the weather for that month as it wouldn’t be nice to be there when it’s a typhoon season!

Book Early for Summer For Cheap Accommodation Rates 0

Posted on March 22, 2010 by dorisch

Summer is here in a few months’ time. For some travelers, spring is a preferred time for a vacation but some would prefer to wait till summer. It’s hard to find cheap accommodation during summer time since most people will be away for summer breaks.

There are a few things you need to get ready when the heat is on. For those who are heading for sunny beaches, a good day cream and sunscreen are a must-have. A sunhat is good to keep the sun away from the face and these days, you can even find UV protection clothing! I’m not too sure if that can be effective to protect you from the sun but a good sunblock and sunscreen should do the job well.

Perhaps booking early can grant you some cheap accommodation rates this summer. So don’t delay now and start checking online for your 2010 vacation!

Cruises and Holidays 0

Posted on March 22, 2010 by dorisch

Last weekend, I was discussing my mom on our family vacation in the next half of the year. She was suggesting to go on a cruise and I’m keeping my options open.

It can be hard deciding on where to cruise and what to do as a family. Many cruise companies are offering cheap accommodation rates when you cruise to nowhere but I’m not too keen about that. It is a tough decision to decide is where to go on a family vacation cruise. Some places are just not suitable for families. They might have too much of a party type atmosphere catering to couples or single young adults. I once came across a special cruise for those who want to lose weight. The cruise was offering quick weight loss program in the package and those who want to lose some pounds can enjoy a holiday at the same time!

Some places are just too boring for the family to enjoy. Compare cruise offerings to find a destination that caters to families with attractions such as zoos, children’s museums, amusement parks, water parks, tours of historic sites, or family fun centers. Teens might enjoy more adventurous activities such as snorkeling, parasailing, and hiking. When you exit the boat, you can pick and choose among several attractions to make the whole family happy.

Best Accommodation Deals in Hong Kong 0

Posted on March 21, 2010 by dorisch

I met a friend in church this morning and learned that she would be visiting Hong Kong in July. She asked about what were some best accommodation deals in Hong Kong and where were the better places to stay during the trip.

Well, unlike many countries in Australia and New Zealand, most tourists or travelers do not need to book or rent a car. Public transport is so convenient in Hong Kong that you can get around very easily with the train system and buses. Trams are also a good way to get around in Hong Kong island. So you really don’t need to worry about renting a car with car insurance when you are visiting the Pearl of the Orient.

As for the better places to stay, you can search your hotel online and find the best accommodation deals. Hong Kong island offers lots of hotels and I personally like to hang around Causeway Bay and Wanchai. Party goers can check out Central which I feel is a little too business like for me. Kowloon island is a great place to stay too especially in tsimshatsui and mong kok area. Basically it’s easy to find an affordable hotel if you aren’t traveling during the peak seasons.

So if shopping is your first love, then Hong Kong is one place you must not leave out in 2010.

Travel to Honolulu 0

Posted on March 20, 2010 by dorisch

There are few countries that left a deep impression in my heart and one of them is Honolulu. When we were there few years ago, we couldn’t secure any best accommodation deals due to the peak season of travel. But if you don’t mind staying away from the beachfront, cheap accommodation rates can be available.

Located on Hawaiiís Oahu Island, Honolulu is full of things to see and attractions to visit. Dominated by the imposing Diamond Head volcano, which is now extinct, Honolulu is known for its tropical landscape, palm trees, harbor, nearby islands and the Mamala Bay, where a range of water sports are on offer.

With a large population and many spreading urban areas, Honolulu is a busy city. You will soon know it if you attempt to drive in the city. It is busy particularly due to the cluster of one-way streets. There are a number of car parks and on-street parking areas in central Honolulu, and car rental is easy to find. Renting a car in Honolulu is one of the most convenient ways to explore the island of Oahu, although other popular methods of transport include buses, coaches, taxis and even bicycles.

With so many beaches to visit in Hawaii, you would want take some ephedra diet pills months before your Hawaii holiday! Honolulu is a nice urban city to drop by if you have time and money. It is nice just to relax by the beaches or go explore some of the outdoor adventures.

Make Plans For Travel Now 0

Posted on March 09, 2010 by dorisch

While speaking to my cousin last night, I was told that airline tickets for the easter sunday weekend are selling out fast. Many travelers flocked to the travel fair to snap up cheap air tickets and to get the best accommodation deals. With budget airlines and cheaper travel alternatives, more people can now travel and see the world.

I have read stories of meditation retreats and detox camps and with more becoming more conscious of health and diseases, they are becoming popular. Some chose alternative treatments over weight loss surgery unless they are seriously obese. Usually these patients are under the guidance of professional doctors. Outdoor and active vacations are also great ways for people to lose weight and stay fit.

What about you? What do you travel for? For leisure, work and just to get away from the hustle and bustle of life. Travel is a wonderful way to open up one’s mind and to refresh the soul when done it right. If you have no plans to travel this year, it’s time to make plans now.

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A Memorable Cruising Holiday 0

Posted on March 08, 2010 by dorisch

I find myself missing my cruising holiday in Hawaii three years ago. Looking back, it was a long time ago. We had so much fun cruising the Hawaiian islands and it was one of those unforgettable experience!

Cruising can be very relaxing for those who don’t like to worry about food and activities as there are lots to eat and do in the cruise. We would eat in various restaurants every night and it was interesting to experience different activities everyday. Since we had a little child, we couldn’t do some things but we were thankful for the kids club in the ship. They did a great job in looking after our boy for us during dinners!

The cruise ship was professionally run with state of the art equipment. Receipts were printed with tm-t88iv and the service was better than some of the reviews read online. So if you ever plan to head to Hawaii, don’t forget to splurge on a nice Hawaiian cruise in the local waters. I promise that this will be one memorable holiday of a lifetime.

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