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A Tale About Canada

Posted on February 19, 2010 by dorisch

The times my cousin spent in Canada were mostly during the winter and it was incredibly cold. Having spent most of her time in the UK, especially England, brings the same old problem each and every year. One cold snap and the whole country grinds to a halt. Although the conditions in Canada seem inhospitable compared to that of the UK, they seem to cope far better than we do.

In stark contrast to the winter, the summers in Canada seem really hot. Those with joint pain supplements will find they are useful during the fluctuating seasons. Perhaps there is no middle ground. Just winter and summer? That is what appeals to me most about Canada. Well, that, the people and the ability to breathe.

I am not talking about breathing in a literal manner, more a manner of space to breathe. The UK is not one of the biggest places on Earth and space is becoming more and more limited. Take London for example. There is less and less space to live and people are crammed into flats and apartments the size of shoe boxes, just for the luxury of living in London. Sure, London is a great city, but the thought of having the room to breathe seems truly appealing.

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