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Best Accommodation Deals Before Pregnancy

Posted on January 20, 2010 by dorisch

This dear couple friend of mine are planning to travel next week to their dream destination. After learning that they are becoming parents soon, they quickly book their vacation and pick the best accommodation deals as they know that traveling will be shelved in a few months’ time when the baby arrives!

It looks like there will be less strenuous traveling since she’s expecting. She’ll also be bringing the best prenatal vitamins to ensure better health during her pregnancy. Light travels will be best but it seems that they are planning to buy some baby clothing in the fashion outlets in the US! What a more timely vacation – buying and shopping for the new baby!

All of us parents know that it’s hard to travel when we have little ones so if you are expecting or planning for a child, maybe you would want to start visiting all your dream destinations first if you can’t afford the wait.

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